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1) To understand the concept of
Operation Management and retail

2) To understand Operation
Management in retail sector.
 Operation management can be defined as the management of direct
resources which are required to produce goods and services.

 “Retailing includes all activities involved in selling goods or services

directly to final consumers for personal, non-business use

 Retail is India's largest industry, accounting for over 10 per cent of the
country's GDP

 Purchasing, Control and Coordinating Function of Management, Product

and Service Management, Quality Management, Inventory Management,
Logistics and Transportation Management, Facilities Management,
Configuration Management, Distribution Channels this all points including
in operation management .
 It is the management of resources, the distribution of goods and
services to customers.
 Operations also refer to the production of goods and services, the
set of value-added activities that transform inputs into many
Let us look at the evolution process:

 Retail means involves activities where by product or services are

sold to final consumers in small quantities .
 Major players
 Fashion
 Subhiksha Evaluation Process
 Westside
 Globus
 Future Group
 Primary Dada
1) Observation
2) Guidance from operation manager

Secondary Dada
1) Books
2) Food Bazaar Manual
3) Web sides
 Vendor Managed Inventory

 Point of Sale Information System

 Supplier Relationship Management

 Management Function

 General Merchandise
In retailing, products are called merchandise. Home Lien Items .it
is about implementing effective design, ideas to educate customer,
create desire and finally increase store traffic and sales volume.

 Inventory & Credit Management 

Inventory Reduction
Material Requirements Planning
Sales Forecasting or Demand Management
 Products
 Price
 Place
 Promotion
 People
 Process
 Physical Evidance
What is VM?
VM is art and science of displaying merchandise within store, it
is about implementing effective design, ideas to educate
customer, create desire and finally increase store traffic and sales

 Kharghar Food Bazaar

 1) Departmental store
 2) Barcode System
 3) Promoting activity (Sal Ke Sabse Saste Din)
 It represents how effectively the retailers utilizes its space and is
usually measured by sales per sq foot of selling space .

Category Kids

Total sales Rs. Rs. 1,69,600/-

Total sq ft 1600

Sales per sq ft 106

 Books
 1) Operation Management( ICFAI University)
 2) Indian Retail sector
Author-Nitin Mehrotra
 Retailing: Environment and Operation
Author- Andrew J Newman and Peter Cullen.
 Other
 Manual of Food Bazaar
Web. Sides