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Production Overview
For Administrators

ProductionBuilder is where users create Production

ProductionControl is where users set
Production into motion and monitor it

The first four tabs in ProductionBuilder are used to
create products.

A bit of Vocabulary
Product Definitions: templates that contain references to data as well as,
potentially, a graphical layout. Product Definitions can be of different types:

Newsmet Products: these are svg-based products used to design products with
a specific height and width. Commonly used for ready-to-print applications.

Wizard Products: These are html-based products used to create multipage
documents in html/pdf/word or plain text formats. Often used for generating
printable reports , rich email messages or SMS messages.

Dataexport Products: these are used to export raw data from MeteoFactory to
feed other systems. Most often used to feed websites or smartphone
applications and are typically in XML format, but can be in other formats such
as csv, json or excel.

A bit of Vocabulary (continued)
Components: reusable sub-products in SVG or HTML format that can be
used in different products.

Wizard Templates: OpenOffice documents used to format wizard products.

Categories: allow users to organize product definitions of the same
production center.
Product Definitions vs Products
Product Definitions are the necessary instructions
for MeteoFactory to generate a product. A
product is the result of generating the Product
Definition for a chosen end user in a chosen

This definition may seem complex but is pretty
simple to understand using examples.
Product Definitions vs Products
Example Newsmet Product

Product Definition
Contains placeholder images
? ? ?
? ? ?
? ?
? ?
Generated Product
Placeholders replaced with real data
Product Definitions vs Products
Example Wizard Product

Product Definition
Contains placeholder text

in {selectedarea-name} on
Generated Product
Placeholders replaced with real data

Air Pollution
in Jakarta on

Going from Product Definitions to Products

Via the last four tabs in ProductionBuilder:
End Users, Groups, and Subscriptions
Back to more Vocabulary
Dissemination: The process of spreading information and monitoring
that that information is received by its recipients.

Delivery Method: a telecommunication-specific way of disseminating
information to end users. Examples are email, FTP, SMS, etc

Format: a way of digitally encoding information for a specific purpose.
Images can be in PNG, or JPG format. Multipage documents can be in
PDF, Word or ODT format. SMS messages are in plain text format.

Production: an umbrella term to describe the entire process of making
product definitions, subscribing end users to them, generating those
products and delivering them.
A bit more vocabulary...
End Users: a physical person, a printer or a remote server configured to
receive products via one or more delivery methods. Delivery methods can
be email, SMS, print, or FTP.

Groups: a way of grouping end users together. For example, hotel
emailing list or public warnings SMS list

Subscriptions: an instruction to send a product in a specific format via a
specific delivery method to one or more end users and / or groups. A
subscription does not include when the product should be sent nor under
what circumstances.

Production Batches: a way of automating production generation.
Generate one or more products on a regular schedule or when a specified
events occurs, such as warnings being issued and potentially limited to
certain circumstances.

In sum, this module is where users
create Product Definitions, End Users,
and subscribe End Users to Products.
They can also automate the whole
process via Production Batches
This module is where users (typically
Administrators, Managers and / or
Forecasters) set Production into motion.
Generate & Standby Queue
Generate Products: pretty self
Production Batches: launch production
batches manually
Standby Queue: watch products as they
are generated
Delivery Monitor: Lists products being sent
to end users
Events: Lists system events and any
Production Batches they have triggered
Output Channels: activate or deactivate all
production for certain delivery channels (for
example, activate or deactivate all SMS
deliveries for testing purposes)

Production Technical Schema
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