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Daniel Dominguez

College Writing 2
The image on the right was drawn by a member
of the Spanish King Cobras. Of course this is
considered as vandalism, which is a crime to the
community. Gangs graffiti each others
communities to mark territory and show who is
stronger. The problem with this besides
damaging property, it catches the attention of
teenagers. They begin seeing graffiti around
their house and begin to draw gang symbols on
their notebooks.
What type of violence do
we see?
Figure 1
The graffiti on the left represents Latin
Kings. This wall is filled with graffiti by
all members as part of their initiation to
be part of Latin Kings. The two pictures
shown are two different neighborhoods
that are control by a certain gang.
Figure 2
The man to the right is part
of a Gang. He stands there
representing his territory.
He throws gang signs to
any suspicious car or to
adults who look like they
are part of another gang.
The issue with this is that
they gang up on innocent
children and cause harm to
Gang Violence
Figure 3
As I take a walk with my little cousin to the park, I
notice alcohol inside the playground. I am disgusted
by the fact that adults have the courage to drink in
playground surrounded by children. Children pay
attention to their surroundings and notice any kind
of alcohol around them can be a bad influence to
them. The danger to this is they can easily grab the
alcohol and drink from it if no guardian is around.
Figure 4
This beer is easily placed in
a location where a child can
drink of from it. Our role as
a society is to make sure
our parks are cleaned with
nothing that can catch the
children attention
Figure 5
As a society, we should know that if we see any type
of violence, we should immediately contact the
police. However, sometimes the police does not
arrive immediately. If we always see some kind of
suspicious activities around the community, we
should ask for PODS from the police department.
They will put together police cameras on top of street
light poles to catch any evidence and prevent any
violence. It has a 360 degree rotation along with
zoom. My neighborhood has around 10-20 of PODs
and it prevents any drug dealing and gang violence.
Types of ways our
society can help
our community
Figure 6
If we know that there are certain streets that have
the most crime, we should have more police
patrolling around the area. The picture on the right
was by Lake Shore Drive. I believe we should double
up the amount of police we have in our streets to
decrease the amount of violence we have. Having
more police officers driving around can prevent the
gang violence in our communities. Also, it can
prevent vandalism along with having cameras
around the neighborhood.
What should we have
more often in our
Figure 7
Another way our community can feel
more safe is by having police officers
walk around the neighborhood. To
prevent any violence, if you are planning
on walking in the night, we should have
walking police officers to walk with the
person. They should also walk around
the parks making sure there are no
violence around the childrens safety. Our
society should have a petition to having
more police officers patrolling the bad
Figure 8
Our society should be concerned with the
safety of our children. So, I strongly believe
that we should have more adults volunteer
as the two people on the left are as CPS
Security to make sure the neighborhood is
safe when school is beginning or when is
done. Many fights or other types of violence
occurs after school, but perhaps having more
security around can prevent it.
Figure 9
I am strong believer that by
having cops in horses
patrolling the area , it can
decrease the amount of
violence in certain
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