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Fugo Consulting

Proposal for Implementation of

Oracle iLearning

Submitted to
Verilog Technologies Pvt Ltd
Submitted By

Fugo Consulting
Chennai, INDIA

T +91-94441-01706

Prepared By | Shankar, B.| Executive – Business


Reviewed & Approved By | Deepak Ramesh, N.C. | Director

– Marketing

• The proposed solution has been architected based on the understanding and
experience of implementing similar solutions by Fugo

• The proposed solution will provide end-to-end business automation and serve as
management tool for overall business operations

• The proposed solution is based on Oracle iLearning
Executive Summary

• Proposal for implementation of Oracle iLearning.

• Implementation of standard functionalities of Oracle iLearning

• Implementation is based on Oracle recommended AIM Methodology.

• Implement the above modules in 12 weeks including of 2 week post live


• INR 25, 87, 500.00 + Applicable Taxes for professional services (Project
Management, Implementation, Build and deploy custom components, User
Training, Post Live Support)
Scope of Work

• Functional Scope

Configuration, training, testing, migration, rollout and post live

support of Oracle iLearning.

• Location Scope

• Fugo would deploy the proposed solution in a single location at

Verilog head office

• The current estimation of size of project and its efforts are based
on implementation/deployment in single location only

• All other locations, if any shall be part of rollout plan, which will be
deployed at additional cost and time

• Language Scope

• Fugo shall deploy the proposed solution in English language only

• All documents/communications/deliverables shall be in English

language only

• Respective Application must be licensed by Verilog and made available to

Fugo consultants before start of implementation

• Verilog must make available the configured hardware with the operating
system and network connectivity

• Verilog to ensure availability, participation and commitment from the

functional team leads, end users and IT team for the entire duration of

• In the entire engagement, a dedicated core team of Verilog will help Fugo
Consultants in ensuring smooth deployment of the application by providing all
necessary clarifications in business processes and configurations.

• Verilog will ensure the availability of Oracle Applications instances (demo,

development, test and production) to the consulting team. Fugo DBA will be
performing the initial installation and train the Verilog DBA on installation and
cloning procedure

• The implementation process will adopt a ‘Train the Trainer’ approach whereby the
Key Users team will be fully trained on the application as part of the implementation.
This key user team will then be responsible for the End User Training as well as User
Training during Rollouts if any.

• Team proposed as a part of the proposal is an indicative team. The actual team will
be formed once contract is finalized and start dates are firmed up. The team to be
provided will be similar to the proposed team in terms of qualification, skills and

• Verilog shall provide individual workstations with internet and telephone connectivity
to the Fugo onsite team.

• Any delay beyond 3 business days or as decided during the project initiation stage -
in providing inputs or sign-off will lead to delay in total project schedule.
• In case where during the execution of the project any global travel warning is
issued for security reasons on the locations where the solution needs to be
implemented, then Fugo in mutual consultation with Verilog will identify and
execute the project from a near shore location.

• Oracle Document Capture (for scanning & imaging) will not be part of this

• Development of learning content will not be part of this project.

• E-Content Development tool will not be part of this project.

• Delivering samples of e-contents will not be 4i Apps responsibility.
Scope Exclusions

• Any significant deviations in the scope and approach stated above would be
considered as a change request and hence might involve effort and commercial

• Data Extraction, Data Cleanup & Reconciliation: Data extraction from legacy systems
and the data cleanup for data migration activity will be owned by Verilog.

• iLearning Implementation will be done according to the Oracle iLearning standard &
there wont be any customization during the implementation.

• Loading of data history is not a part of scope. If required would be taken separately
and will involve additional costs

• Verilog would provide necessary system software, Hardware, compilers and Oracle
tools, including Oracle database for the development, test and production
environment. These along with required hardware would be in place in time for all the
activities of the Project such as Solution Design, Build, user training and prototyping
depending on the agreed project implementation schedule. Provision and setup of
software for configuration management, testing, code migration and helpdesk is not
considered as a part of this proposal.
• Technical documentation would be restricted to the official documents
provided by Oracle Corporation along with the Oracle Applications
modules in the form of functional reference manuals, technical reference
manuals and user guides.

• Any post-production support required by Verilog beyond the specified

period as per scope section of this document will be taken up as a
separate engagement on a mutually agreeable basis.
Acceptance Period

Within 30
days of the date of Go-Live (‘Acceptance Period”), and assuming that Fugo has addressed, to
satisfaction of
Verilog, all medium-impact and high-impact issues logged in the issues log, and that those
(related to
solution implemented by Fugo excluding product bugs and other external dependencies
are outside
the control of Fugo) have been marked as closed by Verilog, Verilog shall provide Fugo with
notice of its acceptance of the Deliverables. Verilog shall be deemed to have accepted the
unless prior
to the expiration of the Acceptance Period, either:

• Verilog provides Fugo with written notice to the effect that the Deliverables fail to
conform to the Acceptance Tests, it being understood that all the particulars forming
Fugo’s Implementation Methodology

Comprehensive Implementation Methodology

• Well defined Phases and Processes

• Well defined Tasks, Deliverables & Guidelines
• Estimation to Delivery coverage
• Integrated Implementation and Development

Flexible and Scalable

• Core & Optional Tasks

• Clearly defines Scope
• Covers all types of engagements

Participative Approach

• Business and IT Team involvement

• Role definition for each Deliverable
• Partnering for Success
Project Management

Throughout the engagement, Fugo project manager will provide expert management of all
activities project activities . She/he will:

• Act as the primary point of contact between the client project manager and the
consulting team for all project-related topics

• Define, document and update comprehensive project plans and project schedule

• Track and report on progress against the project schedule

• Coordinate team meetings and provide regular updates via conference calls for
both Fugo and client constituents

• Provide regular status reports and bi-monthly budget tracking and project plan

• Track and report on any project issues

• Summarize and coordinate project planning across all activities and groups –
Consulting, Training, Quality Assurance.
Project Resources

Fugo proposes to use the following resources at onsite:

• One Senior HRMS Functional Consultant

• One Technical Consultant
• One Database Administrator

Resources Qualification

• All our consultants carry a great deal of implementation and consulting

experience. Our project managers are experienced in IT project management
best practices and processes.


• Fugo consultants assigned to your project are highly experienced and trained on
respective modules. By capitalizing on our domain knowledge and
implementation experience, you will receive a solution that not only meets the
requirements and is thoroughly tested, but one that performs well, is
appropriately scaled and integrates effectively.
Project Deliverables

Deliverable Name Format

• Requirement Specifications Documents

(RD.050) Electronic
• Project Status Reports
(Fortnightly/Monthly/ Phase-End, as required) Electronic
• Acceptance Test Plans (if required) Electronic
• Oracle Users Guide – Module wise Electronic – As provided by Oracle
• Oracle Technical User Reference Manual Electronic - As provided by
Oracle Corporation
• Oracle Technical Installation Manual Electronic- As provided by
Oracle Corporation

• Fugo will provide post implementation support for 2 weeks after Go-live. Scope
of Warranty is only to the extent of helping the user to operate the system and
remove all bugs in the system. However, it does not include making major
additions/changes whatsoever.

• If Verilog needs such changes or additions to the system, they will be treated as
additional project effort and charged accordingly on a mutually agreeable basis.

• Verilog has the option of going into an AMC with Fugo to receive ongoing
product support & upgrades.

• The warranty for software licensed by Oracle would be as per Oracle’s standard
terms or as otherwise agreed between Oracle and the customer.

• It is assumed that training and set-up issues would be completely resolved

during the project implementation. Hence, after the end of the Post
Implementation Support (i.e. during warranty period) Fugo support will address
the above on a chargeable basis only (since these do not relate to issues within
Fugo control) unless mutually agreed otherwise.
Project Plan
Commercials & Payment Terms

• Duration for the Implementation : 10 Weeks (Assuming Standard solutions


Additional customization)

• Post Production Support : 2 Weeks

• Implementation Cost : INR 25, 87, 500.00 + Applicable Taxes


Client must provide Visa, Air fare, Accommodation, Local Insurance & Local Travel for
onsite consultants apart from the implementation costs indicated above.

• Payment Terms

Mobilization advance along with PO 40% INR 10,35,000.00

Completion of Requirement Study 15% INR 3,88,125.00

Completion of CRP 15% INR 3,88,125.00

Completion of UAT 15% INR 3,88,125.00

Completion of Post live support 15% INR 3,88,125.00
Other Guidelines

• Review/Amendment in scope of work

• Any review or amendment in scope of work can be made on mutual agreement

without disturbing the sanctity of the scope of work & the deliverables. Services
over and above that mentioned in the proposal are subject to cost and will be
decided mutually

• Security of Information

• Fugo will take all reasonable steps to ensure that all authorized personnel
including its personnel, its employees and agents having access to the
deliverables or any material relating thereto will refrain from disclosure,
duplication or reproduction of any form to any party other than the authorized
representatives of customer.

• Other Terms & Conditions

• All payments to be made in INR

• Client name can be used by Fugo for future market references.

• Onsite consultant visa, travel costs and accommodation to be taken care by

About Fugo Consulting

• FUGO is a consulting and technology firm with a core focus on Enterprise Resource
Planning (ERP) solutions. All our consultants have been part of multi-million dollar
ERP Implementations across the world.

• Fugo focuses on enhancing the business profitability of our clients, by offering

true-value consulting and fits-like-a-glove solutions around the ERP needs of our

• At Fugo, we practice Oracle/PeopleSoft to help large enterprises protect their ERP

investments, improve efficiency and ensure profitability. Why not Oracle? After all,
the founding team started their careers as Oracle/PeopleSoft consultants!

• Our Openbravo ERP practice offers a range of ERP solutions for Small & Medium
Enterprises. Procuring goods, staying-on-top of inventory and tracking sales volumes
have never been easier, with the help of Fugo’s Openbravo ERP offerings.

• Fugo’s Management team comprises of accomplished individuals that together

bring decades of ERP experience to the table.

Our mantra – “Expertise is the only substitute to Knowledge!”
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