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Hello there!

So youve been asked to do an

assignment that requires you to write in the following
format. Here is a general guide to help you through
your writing. However, please do not take this as it is.
You may choose to write in your own way as you
wish. Happy reading
The Abstract - 1
This section is the single
most important part of
your paper. It is written at
the beginning before the
start of your introduction.
Here is an example:
The Abstract - 2
As you have noticed previously, the abstract contains a comprehensive summary of
your assignment. Readers will be able to understand the gist of your paper just by
reading the abstract. As a result, they will decide whether your article is what they
want or worth their time at all.

When writing do ensure that your information is:
The length of the abstract should be between 150
250 words.
The Abstract - 3
For your assignment, you may try the following format:
Introduce the topic/issue under investigation
State why this topic is chosen as a study for your assignment
Share the underlying theories that you have used to study this topic
Divulge common features of the literature review in your study
Write the main discussions on the topic
Conclude with a one sentence statement that sums up your entire study
The Introduction - 1
This section can range from one to a few paragraphs. Before writing the
introduction, do consider the following questions:
1. Why is this topic important?
2. How does this topic relate to previous work in the area?
3. What are the objectives of the study and how does it link to theory?
4. What are the theoretical and practical implications of the study?

The introduction sets the scene and builds the pace for the reader to read on. It
explains key terms, historical background, current methods and objectives of the
study that enables the reader to understand what he or she is getting into if he or she
reads the rest of the paper.
The Introduction - 2
For your assignment, you may try the following format:
Provide a brief historical background of the topic
under study
State why studying the topic is important
Explain the objectives of the study
Define the main terms under study
Expand on what entails in the paper (i.e.
theoretical approach, literature review, discussion
and application)
The Theoretical Approach - 1
This section mainly describes a theory (or a few theories) that is related to your
topic under study. Sometimes there may not be an official theory behind your topic.
As such, you may choose to discuss some related concepts or ideas proposed by
certain theorists/psychologists which could provide more understanding of your
chosen topic. You may try the following format:
Define the theory that is related to your
Explain why you have chosen the theory
Expand on the theory and how it works in
your assignment
The Literature Review - 1
Most students are confused with the idea of literature review due to the different
expectations from various lecturers. As such, it is important to follow the format
laid out by the main lecturer. However, I shall attempt to share about writing this
section appropriately for this assignment.

The minimum number of journals required is 4. Hence, it is important that you have
4 journals that are highly related and suitable for your topic. Do ensure that the
journals you pick are coherent with one another. Another reminder is that you
should be able to understand the language/terms used in the journals. Dont
select or write about the journal if you dont
understand it.
The Literature Review - 2
Basically, the literature review is a review or collection of the information and
studies that were conducted in the past. You should attempt to obtain literature from
the past 10 years (the newer the better) related to the topic under study.

Write your review by highlighting or summarizing key points (e.g. purpose of
study, method, main findings, discussion and applications) from the first journal
followed by the second, third and fourth. Your writing should be able to provide an
extensive review of your assignment topic.
The Literature Review - 3
One useful way of locating suitable literature is through the UTAR Discovery
The Literature Review - 4
The Discussion and Application - 1
This section represents one of the most crucial parts of your report. It reveals your
ability to analyze, interpret, evaluate, critique and apply the information that you
have regarding the topic.

Start your discussion by sharing how literature support or do not support the
objectives stated in your introduction. Further explain the reasons for the support or
non-support. You can write one reason in one paragraph and continue with the
second reason in another paragraph.

You may also present your own support or non-support of the present findings but it
is important to base your arguments on credible sources of information (e.g.

The application section is basically how you can apply the theories, new
information that youve learnt to practice or to your daily life.
The Overall Reflection and Conclusion - 1
This section focuses on your reflection of the topic. You are only able to write this
section after reading through and understanding the topic from the

Talk about your overall opinions about the subject. Share the limitations to your
study. Summarize the main points in your paper. Present your thoughts on the
future of the subject.
Thank you for your time reading this. Hopefully it
helps you to write your assignment better. Do check
with your lecturer or tutor for further assistance. Bye!