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From looking at the album cover, we already know

that there is explicit content and parental advisory is

required, as the sign is already been printed on the
top right hand side of the album cover.
The look on
Eminem's face
seems really
serious, which
links to the album
title Not Afraid
as from look on
his face it does
look as if Eminem
is not afraid of
anything and can
conquer his fears.
From looking at the album cover title and its font, we can see that there is use of san serif
typography as there are no flicks of curves at the end of the letters. The title and artists
name is in big bold white and blue colours, which help emphasise the seriousness of the
The background
contains colours such
as white and really
light shades of grey.
The white in the
background helps to
signify the purity of
the album and the
light shades of grey
help to signify no
specific emotion and
also just has a neutral
impact on the album
The clothes
the artist
wears in the
album cover
seems very
causal as it is
nothing over
the top,
instead it is just
a leather
jacket, white
top and a
The typography that is used in this album cover is not bond and strong, which makes the album cover
look too strong. There is use of san serif fonts because the title and the band name does not have
curves on the letter. This helps to signify a causal and calm look and nothing too heavy or over
The still image of all the girls, shows a
very natural look that the camera
may have caught during the right
The shadow of
the trees that is
shown on the
ground links into
the band name
Fifth Harmony
as we can see
the shadow of
the album name
on the ground
As the genre of Fifth
Harmony is mainly
Hip Hop, we can tell
that this is the genre
because of the still
image and the
typography used we
are automatically
able to tell that Fifth
Harmony have
created a Hip Hop
music video and due
to the album cover
we are able to signify
this straight away.
This album cover does not support Laura Mulveys theory of
the Male Gaze as this does not objectify women as
providing pleasure for men by using their assets. As in this
album cover we can tell that the women in this album cover
are not using their assets to provide pleasure for men neither
ask for attention.
Also, as there are 5
band members, each
member is shown to be
equal in the album
cover due to the way
they have all been
positioned. It shows the
equality between all
band members and
neither individual is over
dominating compared
to the others.
By looking at the album
cover we can infer that
the album is targeted at
mainly girls ages
between 15-21. Mainly
because of the activity
they are taking part in,
which is roller skating
which changes the
audiences view. As it
makes them think that
the music or music videos
will not be explicit.
The album title is printed in the top right hand
corner in san serif handwriting to make the it
look neutral and casual rather than making it
look strong and over dominating, which
would come across as being too powerful
especially if the title is small and in the corner.
While if we look on the other side the
top left hand side, we can see Jay Zs
name that has been written in fully serif
typography as we can see the curves
at the end of each letter. This helps to
emphasise the artists name in big bold
serif handwriting.
The album cover is
mainly white which
signifies purity and
power of the album
cover. While the red
signifies dominance
and determination to
sell this album and
make it the best.
The 3 red bold lines
that are shown in the
middle, link to the 3 red
black lines in the top
right hand corner
which seem to link
together as the lines
look very similar.
Although, the only
difference is that the
Red lines are strong,
bold and more
powerful while the
Black lines in the corner
are just a smaller
condensed version of
the Red lines.
The album cover does
not have lots of images
because it contains a
collage of many
different instruments ad
equipment which
relates to Jay Z and his
career. Having a
album cover as being
not too over the top
helps the audience to
take in all the detail
from the album cover.
Rather than having lots
of different colourful
images which would
make it harder for the
audience to take
notice of all the images
in the album cover.
Overall, the way the album cover has been presented it gives a
positive view/effect on the audience because there is no
explicit content on the album cover. The target audience for
the album The Blueprint 3 would be people aged between 16-
The change that has happened between the album A Girl Like Me and
Unapologetic supports the statement of Good Girl Gone Bad. We can
automatically see the difference between the 2 albums. As in A Girl Like Me there is
not explicit content such as nudity, while in the album Unapologetic there is a little
bit of explicit content such as nudity of her body, however not her assets. There has
been a significant transformation between the 2 albums she released.
The typography that
has been used in the
in the album cover
for Unapologetic is
the use of serif
typography as there
is no flicks or curves
used at the end of
the letter. It has been
written in a fancy
way, throughout the
whole album cover.
The album cover is
mainly covered with
the still image of
Rihanna herself, which
could mean that the
music videos in this
album do contain
performances from
Rihanna herself.

The look that Rihanna
has on her face in the
still image, shows a
very serious look and
serious side to her as
we would not expect
the album cover to
have the artist
portrayed as being
This album would be aimed at a older audience because of the
explicit content that is shown from the start on the album cover,
which means it would be inappropriate for younger aged people.
Therefore. I think that the target audience for this album would be
16+ and nothing younger than 16.
The two women
shown running
into the ocean
are shown
wearing a bikini
on the front of
the album
cover. This
would agree
with Laura
Mulveys Male
Gaze theory
because they
were not
anything other
than the bikini.
This would
provide some
sort of pleasure
to men
because the
women and not
fully dressed.
The colours that have been used show different
shades of blue, to show the calm atmosphere of the
setting. This would attract the audience to buy this
album because the album cover looks so plain, yet
because of the simplicity in the different shades
would make the audience want to buy it.
The big bold handwriting of the album
name and the artists name shows the
significance and the purity of the name
because it has been written in big bold
white letters.
The font of the album cover and the artists name
has been written in san serif typography. The big
white bold letters help the album cover to stand
out as thats the first thing the audience would
see in detail.
By compared both albums
Blame and I Need Your
Love we can see that
Calvin Harris tries to create
synergy between most of
his albums as when he puts
his name on the album
there are always 2 lines
under his name, this shows
the synergy that Calvin
Harris tries to create
between his products.
Even though the
album cover has
Calvin Harriss
name in big bold
font, the picture is
of a woman. This
shows how
powerful it is
having a women
as the main
picture and it
convinces people
to purchase the
album. This
objectifies women
as it agrees with
Laura Mulveys
theory of the
Male Gaze
The typography for the font has been all written in serif,
We can tell that the typography is serif, due to the
curves and flicks at the each of the letters in the album
title and also the where it says the artists name.
If we look at Ariana Grandes face in the album cover, we can
conclude that she has a very serious looks on her face which
makes it look as if she has a lot of attitude as well. Also due to
the way she has been positioned on the chair and she is flicking
her hair in the still image.
As Ariana Grande
is quite a girly girl.
In this album
cover, this does
not look like the
case as there is
no sign of any
feminine colours
as the pain
colours are black
and white. The
black helps to
connote a mystery
and also being in
power. While the
white long
boot/heels she is
wearing helps to
cleanness and
Laura Mulvey's (1975) used the term Male
Gaze that argued that women are
objectified as sex objects to provide visual
pleasure for men.
If we look at the way Beyonc is positioned
in the advertisement you can see her
breasts and derriere are the main focuses
in the advertisement to convince more
people to come watch the concert.
The link between the
advertisement font and the font
of her perfume shows that there is
a link between the 2 because she
uses the same font for both. This
tell us she is uses synergy to
promote her product because
whenever we would see this font
we would associate it with
Beyonc's product.
The advertisement of
Beyonc's concert shows a
still image of Beyonc
performing her songs.
The colours in the poster advertising her concert show
consistency with the colours that they have used. As
we can see her clothes are purple which match the
background which is also full of different shades of
purple. The purple could be used because this might
go with the theme of the song. Therefore, they used
the different shades of purple to actually relate to the
actual music video.
The way Beyonce has been
positioned in the
advertisement of the poster
and by also looking at her
facial expressions while she is
singing allows us to signify
that she is passionate about
what she does
The black and grey in the poster for Jay Z tours
Magna Carter signifies a really strong and powerful
album as the whole album consists of only 3 main
colours: Black, Grey and White.
The tour includes all the main details such as: where the
concert is taking place, the dates of the concert and where
you are able to purchase the tickets from. In addition to
showing how the album cover looks like.
If we compare
the album cover
for Magna
Carter and the
tour poster, we
can see that the
same font,
typography of
san serif and in
addition to the
same picture.
This allows
audience to
identify that this
is Jay Zs album
and also that it
is promoting his
The colours that are
in the tour poster
are mainly gold and
red. This connotes
the feminine side to
Beyonce and it
looks like she is
dressed as royalty,
especially due to the
way she has been
positioned in the still
image. The gold
signifies success,
wealth and also how
prestige she is.
While the red
signifies ambition
and determination.
The typography that has been used is serif, as we can
see the sharpness of each letter at the end of the
letter. This type of typography suits the tour poster
because it shows how strong and powerful Beyonce is.
In addition, it shows how good the album and her
concerts buy be.
Emeli Sande
featured on the
front cover of The
Big Issue talking
about her album
and which links
into the title of the
magazine My
Blonde Ambition.
Emeli Sande
wears dark colour
clothing so that
the main focus is
on her face and
also her hair as it
is blonde. The
main focus is on
her face as it
allows it to focus
on the different
colour tones that
there are.
The font that is used on the front cover of the magazine shows
really bold and block letters for the magazine name, artists name
and the title of the article. The typography that has been used
throughout the whole front cover is the use of san serif typography
as the letters are bold and in blocks.
The use of the dark
background shows
many different shades of
grey and then slowly
builds up to the colour
black. As the
background is dark it
emphasises the focus
on Emeli Sande which is
what the point of the
front cover of the
magazine is.
The tour poster for Jessie K includes all the dates
where the tour will be taking place and also all the
dates. The poster also includes the where customers
are able to purchase tickets and the website too.
The typography that has
been used for this is
serif typography as we
can see the curves that
have been used in each
letter. The artists name
in serif allows the poster
to give it a feminine
look, while the other
colours are mainly
If we look at her album
cover for Who You Are
and the compare it to the
tour date poster, we can
see that Jessie J has made
synergy as she is
promoting her concerts but
in addition as the same
time she is able to promote
her Who You Are album as
The use of the black throughout most of the poster,
makes not only the album look really strong and
powerful it also makes Jessie J look powerful as an
artist too.
The typography that had been used is san serif as the font is bold, big
and in white, which tries to signify the purity of the tour poster. As there
are no dates and location on the poster, this would encourage the
audience to find out more about the concert
The split from the middle of the poster, shows that both
Eminem and Rihanna are equal in the Monster Tour. We
can tell this because both Eminem and Rihannas face is
shown half and half.
As Rihannas half is the
colour blue. The blue
signifies depth, stability,
intelligence and faith in
which we are able to
relate to the album as the
song Monster is a very
deep song and could
have a strong meaning
behind it.
While as Eminems
half is red. The red
signifies many
different things such
as: determination to
make the album and
concerts succeed, it
signifies strength,
courage and also
For Kanye Wests tour Yeezus we can see that the
typography that has been used is mainly serif for the tour
name. This type of typography has been used because it
tries to look like the actual album cover title. Therefore, it
tries to create synergy with Kanye Wests album cover.
While Kanye Wests name has been written in san
serif typography, as it allows the audience to take
in who is performing at the concert. The big black
bold letters shows how important and powerful
Kanye West must be as an artist.
The colours are mainly
black and then there is
shade of gold in the
middle, which would
make the audience
think that the actual
artist is shown on the
tour date poster. The
black signifies power
which Kanye West
would have from this
poster. While the shade
of gold signifies the
success of his album.
If we look at the tour date
poster. We can see that
there is the use of san
serif typography that has
been used throughout
the whole poster. We can
tell that there is the use
of san serif typography
as we can see each letter
being bold and straight
and there being no
curves at the end of each

In addition, the poster
shows all the main
information such as:
when the tour is taking
place, where it is taking
place, the tour which is
taking place In the
Lonely Hour and also
tells the audience when
and where tickets would
be available to purchase.
The colours that are
used which are all black
and white have a major
emphasis on the tour
name which is In The
Lonely Hour. Usually
when we would hear the
word Lonely we would
associate with sorrow
and think of colours
such as black and white.
This is because these
are the colours we have
learnt to associate with