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Chapter 11 Questions

What is happening to Jonas as the old man

places his hands on Jonas back? (80-81).
What has been gained and lost with the advent of
Climate Control?
Why does the old man start with these particular
memories of snow and sunshine?
Why does the old man not answer Jonas
comment that he knew there would be pain?
Why does the old man say, Call me The Giver?

Topic: Giver Commentary

10/31 p. 169

I have great honor. So will you. But

you will find that that is not the
same as power (Lowry 84).
What does The Giver mean by this?
Can you have power without honor?
Can you have honor without power?
Can you have both honor and power?

List positive to negative

Group 1 : Thin, slim, lanky, skinny,

scrawny, slender, fit
Group 2 : Aggressive, assertive, bossy,
domineering, dynamic, pushy, forceful
Group 3 : nerd, bright, clever, brilliant,
cunning, smart, intelligent, brainy

Language in The Giver


Describes a slug accurately:

But what about a person?

Word choice can change


Yes, I would love to, she replied,

Yes, I would love to, she relplied,

A quick look at the
literal and figurative
meaning of words.

Denotation is the literal

meaning of a word, the
dictionary meaning, a
direct specific meaning
as distinct from an
implied or associated

Example of denotation:
The word rest means
the refreshing quiet or
repose of sleep:
a good night's rest.

Connotation is the
implied meaning of a
word, or the suggesting
of a meaning by a word
apart from the thing it
explicitly names.

Example of connotation:
Good night, sweet
prince, and flights of
angels sing thee to thy
rest (burial).


Example of
The word chill means
cold. The denotation
of the word chill is


Example of

The expression lets chill

is an example of the
connotation of the word
chill, which means
something other than cold,
as in spending time.

The sky is blue.

Here the word blue is
used to reflect the
denotative meaning of
the word or its color.

My cousin is blue and

cries a lot.
Same word, blue,
different meaning. Here
the connotative meaning
of the word blue is

What are the connotations of:

Dwelling vs. House and home?

Family unit vs. Family?
Hungry vs. starving?
Assigned vs. selected?
Apprehensive vs. frightened?

Journal : Language in The Giver

Despite the communitys emphasis on

precise language, language is often used
as a tool for social control in The Giver.
Choose two or three words used in the
society (examples are release, newchild,
assignment, etc.) that distort or conceal
the meaning of the words we use now in
order to promote the rules and
conventions of the community.

Not related to
connotation and
denotation, but it has
to do with English and

What do the following words

have in common?

They are all new words added into
the Oxford Dictionary this year

Inside the War on Typos

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