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Case facts

Coca cola : worlds most successful multinational

Operations in 200 countries

80% income from- International market


gives freedom to national business to operate in the manner they think is fit

Tries to establish a common mind set among all employees

Manages its global operations through 25 operation divisions

Internal alignment through common HR philosophy within the

External alignment by aligning with industry in different countries and
gathering and sharing knowledge
Coca Cola follows a common salary philosophy where the total
compensation package is competitive with best companies
Coca cola staff its operations with local personal for better
performance in home location

Coca cola needed Expatriates in the system for

Fill the need of specific set of skill
To improve employees own skill base


Q1. Importance of think global, act local

strategy for a MNC
Importance of Global vision
Helps in profit maximisation - Intensive market expansions across
countries and continents.
Importance of adoption of measures according to local needs
Different - markets, political system, religion of people, culture, standard
of life etc. These differences find their reflection on consumer
behaviour, customer expectation and other related matters.

From Coca-colonization to Cocalocalization

Globally standardized product
Until 1980s Centralized control (both operations & Marketing)
Marketing concepts developed in HQ Atlanta, minimal local inflection
Most revenue derived from US market

1990s Sales in the Asian market dipped => Globalization and

strategic localization
Need for more understanding of cultural, geographical & economic complexities
was felt
Coke restructured marketing communications and operations
Designated 13 countries as creative hub designed ads for 200 countries
Developed new products non-cola drinks
Corporate HR policies as guidelines to develop local HR practices. E.g. Compensation
package to be competitive with best companies in local market

Glocalization of Coke - India

Introduction of 200ml at Rs 5/- in reusable bottles to attract the
price sensitive Indian customers
Advertisements in regional languages with attractive tag lines like
Thanda matlab coca cola
Accompanying celebrity endorsements
Promotion of Coke accompanying regionally relevant food combos

Adaptation to distribution in diverse conditions - branded

rickshaw vans, tricycles and lahris (pushcarts)

Glocalization of Coke
Coke is positioned differently in different countries.
Ex: North America - attuned to values of family and security
Brazil and China - Innovation

Different websites for different countries like

(South Africa), (China),
Acquisition of local brands. Ex: two-thirds of Coca-Colas sales in
Japan are from local beverage brands

Q2. HRM orientation session at Coca-Cola

Conducted twice a year
Organised by corporate HRM group
Two-week orientation session
Participants HR staff from its 25 operating divisions
The session covers the following

An overview of the company's HRM philosophy

How local units can translate corporate HRM

philosophy into local HR policies.

Benefits of the session

Information sharing on best practices and approaches to
solving common problems

Provide a platform for communication

Facilitates learning from each other

Promotes rapid transfer of innovative and valuable HRM

tools from region to region.
Provides international exposure

Advertising the 200ml coke at Rs. 5/in Gujrathi

Coke and food combo in southern


Regional Campaign in Gujrathi

Award winning Add (Thanda

mathlad coca cola)

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