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Name-Sanjida Kamal Mitu

A Study On
Job satisfaction of Bank Officers in Bangladesh

Background of the Study

Title of the Journal : Job Satisfaction

Author : Dr. P. K. Mishra
Published On : Sep. - Oct. 2013
Job satisfaction or employee satisfaction is one of the most
important factors in any organization, especially in serve
competitive banking sector across the world. Many companies
are having problems with high labor turnover and difficulty in
hiring new employees. So companies are seeking ways to
improve productivity and reduce turnover without having to hire
more employees. This can only be done if the company can keep
their existing employees satisfied. As the saying goes "a happy
worker is a contented worker"

Objectives of the Study

To ascertain the degree of overall job

satisfaction prevailing among the bank
To focus on the relative importance of job
To give suggestions to improve the level of
job satisfaction, if required.

HRM & Its Importance

HRM increase the level of employee performance.

Employees feel more comfortable and secure where HR practices are
HRM plays an important role in the performance of organizations.
HRM is interlinked with all the managerial functions involved in the
practices of recruitment & selection, training & development,
organizational commitment and compensation and these practices
increase the potential of employees.
HRM have an impact on operational performance as well as on
employee commitment .

HRM & Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction refers to the attitude and feeling people
have about their work.
To achieve business targets employers need to make sure
that their employees are satisfied with current facilities
because unhappy workers will never work for progress and
Job dissatisfaction raises workers voice and creates unrest
in the industry.
Job satisfaction is essential to enhance peace and harmony
at work place as well as to ensure higher productivity.

HRM & Job Satisfaction

Taseem & Soeters (2006) has studied about eight HR practices
and their relation with job satisfaction.
These HR practices are recruitment and selection practices,
placement practices, training practices, compensation practices,
employee performance evaluation practices, promotion
practices, empowerment and social security or pension.
Current study divided this HRM practices into two factors
financial and non- financial.
Financial factors are salary, promotion, bonus and incentive.
Non-financial factors are clearly defined job description during
recruitment and orientation, training, flexibility, job security and
good working condition.

Limitation of the study

Lack of time only 74 hours working day allotted.
Lack of my experience and efficiency to prepare the
standard report.
Unavailability to required published documents.
Bank limitation and security problem.

It is a Descriptive and Explorative study design, which had enabled to
know the level of job satisfaction among the executives working at
The scope of the study is limited to the Employees of the Bank.
The result of the study was characterized on the basis of:
a) Total Respondent
b) Departmental wise
Structured Questionnaire Method has been selected for the Collection
of data.
Both primary and secondary methods were used for data collection.


The findings of this study offer directions for further

investigations in this area.
Future studies should be designed longitudinally to
measure increases in job involvement, sense of
competence, promotion opportunities, benefits and job
satisfaction over time.
Empirical studies should also be designed to establish
the relationship between sense of competence and job

Job satisfaction represents one of the most complex areas facing
todays managers when it comes to managing their employees.
Banking sector in Bangladesh is contributing major role play to the
economy, but this sector is facing business challenges due to the
suspension of the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP).
The main reason behind this unrest is employees job dissatisfaction in
absence of proper financial and non financial job factors.
If the organization can provide appropriate financial and non financial
benefits to the employees, they are going to be satisfied and also less
likely to involve in labor unrest.
It can be concluded that job satisfaction through proper HRM practices
can be an alternative solution for reducing unrest in banking sector of

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