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Language of contemporary

Bengali holds a variety of culture
including social culture, political
culture, festival culture, religious
culture etc. But Band culture has a
special significance that always
celebrated in Bangladesh.
What is band culture
• A band is any (modern) musical band-
that performs solely or mainly in the
-regional language and which uses
-Western principles of music.
Bangladeshi band also follows the same. Bengal’s
people like this band music and accept it as a culture
for amusement
Origin of Bangladeshi
band culture
• SOULS was the first Bangladeshi band formed by a
group of Bangladeshi Musicians led by towards the end
of 1970.
What Is Song
-is sung or uttered with musical
modulations of the voice, whether of a human being or of a
bird, insect, etc.
-A lyrical poem adapted to vocal music; a ballad.

-More generally, any poetical strain; a poem .

-Poetical composition; poetry; verse.
-An object of derision; a laughingstock.

-A trifle .
Classification of
contemporary songs


Classical Modern Band music Pop

Soft Hard rock Folk Hip-Hop

Is a system of arbitrary signals:
- voice sounds
- gestures
- written symbols which communicate thoughts or feelings
Human spoken – written
- system of symbols (lexemes) and the grammar (rules)
- can be manipulated
Language in different
• Classical Song
Language in classical song:
-a significant level of mastery
-thorough understanding of tonal and harmonic principles
-classical repertoire often exhibit artistic complexity
through the use of thematic development, phrasing,
harmonization, modulation (change of key), texture, and, of
course, musical form itself
-Musical analysis of a composition aims at achieving greater
understanding of it, leading to more meaningful hearing and a
greater appreciation of the composer's style.
-personalization using language
• Modern song
-differs from classical ones both in
words and tunes.
-draws ideas from different countries
-avoids the monotonous language
-may include the rural or urban language
-mostly holds a rich theme
-sometimes has patriotic note
• Band-
-mostly like modern song
-use of standard language
-less mastery in language
-prose style
-use of easy style
Language In
Contemporary Song
• Classical Song
Has mainly been influenced from-
• Veteran
• Classical, based on musical modes called raglans
• Rabindra Sangeet, which is based on the works of the poet
• Bengali folk songs that emphasize the theme of love
• Nazrul Geeti, music of Kazi Nazrul Islam
• folk, old music genres
• Code switching, Code Mixing
• personalization using language
• Modern song-
-follows mainly the theme of love
-sometimes use dialect
-mostly uses standard language
-few use patriotic note
-using standard language with a personal variety of tone
-code switching, code mixing
• Band music (soft)-
-mostly uses standard language
-some use dialect
-mostly fit for urban people
-language of folk song
-use of variety of language
• Band music (hard-rock)-
-uses colloquial language
-uses the variety of language
-code switching and code mixing
-holds the theme of youth
-sometime uses slang
• Folk music in band-
-change of accent
-code switching
-theme leads to ambiguity
-use of chaste language or dialect
• Band music (hip hop)-
-language is most popular to the teenagers
-easy language
-full of code mixing
-sarcastic to the social problems
-uses the teenagers’ most favorite
colloquial languages/register
-some use of slang or irritating words
Selection Of Language
- a variety or combination of varieties can be selected and
- great social and political significance recognised as
prestigious by community
Variables that influence style:
• Addressee
• Social class
• Context and social roles
• Ethnics groups
Change and language varies:
• the place
• occasion
affects the choice of form – leads –
• stylistic differences
Song for different social
• Listener of song can be classified-
-lower class (rickshaw puller, worker, slum people, villagers)
*likes pure folk, cheap modern song using dialect/colloquial
language, some remake

-young people of age 13-30 group

*soft/hip-hop/remixed classical and folk song

-elite class
* pure classical song, soft modern/band music
folk song
Critics Comment On
Band culture
• Violating original lyrics of Bengali song.
• Creating generation gap.
Band music rocks Bangladesh
• Band music is very popular among the youth of Bangladesh.
This kind of music was introduced in Bangladesh more than
thirty years ago and had been gradually winning adherents
among the younger generation. Now it is on the way to being
accepted as a part of the country’s cultural heritage.
Critic’s Comments
• Qamrul Hasan –
-‘We should not ignore this genre of music,’ he continued,
‘during this time of globalization the Bangladeshi band music
should be practiced mingling local heritage with modern
• Shafi Kamal
- ‘Band music is no longer an alien culture. Band music has
gradually struck roots in our society since after the
independence of Bangladesh,’
• Sunil Chandra Das
- The academy works for the development and nourishment
of healthy music. Terming the band music as a new trend in
the country’s cultural tradition, he said, ‘We have arranged
this programme to fulfil the academy’s commitment to
support quality music’.
• So the singers should lay emphasis on the pursuit
of healthy band music.