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Identification of Distribution

Gap and Corrective Measures

for Bisleri in Bhubaneswar

Sunil Ranjan Mohapatra

IMIS Bhubaneswar

The project undertaken aims to
find out the distribution gaps of
The main players in
Bhubaneswar market are
PepsiCos Aquafina, CocaColas Kinley and Bisleri

Research Methodology
Questionnaire Method
Personal Interaction
The sample size of 70 hotels &
restaurants and 19 institutions
and offices were covered all
over Bhubaneswar

SWOT analysis of BISLERI

Quality Standard
Trust for brand
Innovation in the form of following
Packaged drinking water
Pet Bottles
Breakaway seal
Hexagonal Bottles
Distribution system
Growing popularity
The break away seal


Age old Distribution System

Faults in production
Not meeting the demand of the customer


Market expansion by acquiring local brands

Launch of premium pack
Change of image
Increase in production

Competitions from rival brands such as
Pepsis Aquafina & Coca Colas Kinley.
Entering of new player
Water filter manufacturers
Strong distribution channel of the other

Distribution System
Bisleri generally follows the ready stock
process of distribution system
Bisleris distribution process is quite simple
where the stocks are transferred from the
manufacturing unit to distributors and other
key business accounts
The distributors along with the Executives
appointed by the company take care of the
secondary sales process
Use of manual method for order keeping

Observations & Findings

The study reveals that 50% of all the hotels and
restaurants are keeping Kinley followed by
Bisleri at 46% and Aquafina at 43%
Bisleri has the highest consumer demand at
39% followed by Kinley at 33% and Aquafina
at 24%.
Consumer demand for other brands stands at
meagre 4% which is very low as compared to
major players.
The availability of others brands at the hotels
and restaurants are low compared to other
players at 23% (which consist of player like
Bailey, Bubble and Dazzle).

As 1litre pack size is most preferred by the
consumers, so it is kept by 93% of the
Hotels and Restaurants followed by 500ml
pack and 2litres packs which are kept by
11% and 10% of the Hotels and Restaurant
Some of the Hotels are having their own
arrangements such as cold water dispenser
to cater to the drinking water need

19 Offices out of all the offices covered are
depending upon packaged drinking water jars
for their water needs
Most of the offices have their n arrangements.
The main consumers of packaged water jars are
Insurance offices, Some private banks, NBFC
and Security trading agencies
20litres jars for offices is dominated by local
players like Bubbles, Dazzle etc.
32% of all the Offices and Institutions are
having Bisleri
68% of Key accounts prefer jars from local

There is not much demand for 20litres jars
among the retailers near high-rise buildings
Own arrangements by High-rise buildings
in case of water issue ( water tankers)
Local brands posing threats for Bisleri

Distribution gaps
Need of efficient and improved order
taking process
Timely delivery of order
Ready availability of inventories
No proper promotion and advertising
Renovation of schemes and margins

Marketing programme to develop the
product picture that will provide the needed
floor to set up the credibility to the product.
System for dealing with consumer
grievances and taking action against it to
solve the issue
Implementation of computerised system for
order taking and delivery system
Setting new targets which will yield sales
for Bisleri such are caters and events
management companies
Monitoring timely stock availability