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Workload Analysis


To develop a work plan, you
must have some realistic time
estimates of what you can do
within the time to be planned
[just how much time do you spend in your gov
vehicle anyways?]

the participants will be able to:
Understand the function of a WLA in developing
project plans and annual/business plans for their
project area
Prepare a project WLA using the WLA Tool
provided utilizing information from the
evaluation, long range plan and other sources
Prepare a time period (quarter, annual) WLA
using the WLA Tool provided utilizing information
from the evaluation, long range plan and other

Roles & Responsibilities

MLRA SSO in NSSH 608.01(g)(1)

NSSH also references General
Manual Title 340 for NRCS Policy
Found in Part 401, Subpart D,


What? Why? Who? When? Where?

Individual projects from
your evaluation and long
range plan
Your entire FY goals for
developing your APO

You need to know how long will it
take for a project from start to
What is reasonable as far as
what you can accomplish in a
set period of time
fiscal year?
field season?

When? and Where?

Both will probably come
from your evaluation and
long range plan

Analyze Individual
What are the tasks (milestones) for
each project
Most projects will include several
tasks, such as:
Contacting landowners
Gathering documentation and capturing in Pedon PC and
Characterization or reference sampling work in the field
ArcGIS activities
NASIS data population and/or editing
Correlation activities

Analyze Individual

Equate this to the private

Determine resources needed
Determine when those resources
are available, especially if they
are people
Develop a budget proposal

Analyze Your FY
So now:
Your APO will probably include multiple
projects to be completed entirely or in
part during the FY
There are many support items that
need to be addressed
Do this to help plan what you can
realistically accomplish in any given

Critical Production
Tasks for an APO
Projects from evaluation and long
range plan
Technical assistance (if Technical Soil
Services is part of workload)
Whatever it is you are assigned to do

Support Items
Training given and received
Management and supervision
travel to and from field
routine events (emails, phone calls, breaks, etc.)
Unanticipated, unplanned events

Whatever it takes to support you and

your staf

Sources for Estimating

Time for activities
People resources

Query those with experience

Go as far as needed to find your answers
We are not reinventing the tasks we do,
somebody has done it before

Test own estimates

Do we tend to under or overestimate?

Adjust WLA as you gain knowledge

Time-frames other than

Long range?
More than 1 year?

Some more on the

quarterly idea

Could do as a quarterly or an annual look

Do one time
Look at the seasons in your area
Look at what repeats each season
Holidays, leave, training, meetings, etc

Account for remaining time based on the

season as:

A WLA Tool for your use

1-Project page

2-APO page

WLA is a tool to help you plan
WLA is a tool to help you sell your
What is provided?:
WLA Tool template for projects
WLA Tool template for APO (or other
period of time)
Job aids for using both