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Procter & Gambles Old Spice is the essential mens grooming
Male grooming for guys of all ages
Old Spice brings authenticity, performance and confidence to male
grooming and offers a wide product portfolio for todays man

The Old Spice brand has been around
since 1937.
It was originally manufactured as an
aftershave by the Shulton Company
founded by William Lightfoot Schultz.
They established a nautical theme for
the product with colonial sailing ships as
a trademark.
Proctor & Gamble purchased Old Spice
in June 1990. They recently introduced
many forms of deodorant sticks, body
washes, and body sprays in a variety of

Wieden & Kennedy

To appeal to a younger crowd (12-34) and compete with the
new body sprays. Proctor & Gamble invested an estimated
$100 million with Portlands Wieden & Kennedy agency.
Wieden & Kennedy are known for their offbeat campaigns
for Nike, ESPN, Target and Miller High Life.
Wieden & Kennedy have the capability and expertise to
appeal to younger audiences talking with them as opposed
to at them. according to Carl Stealey, the Old Spice brand

Experience Is Everything
After landing the Old Spice account
Wieden & Kennedy started the
Experience Is Everything campaign
relying on Heritage and Humor.
To differentiate themselves from Axe,
W&K have taken a different angle
towards the same niche by using the
Old Spice brand legacy as a benefit
rather than a burden. The product is
authentic rather than trendy,
masculine rather than metro and old
school rather than just old.

Experience Is Everything
They have linked the brand to worldly experience, and stated
that its users are not swayed by fashion but by quality.
Masculinity and classiness is strongly emphasized in both their
print ads and TV spots.

Their nautical themed website features links to product information,
news, and a page to test your experience to see if you are worthy
of wearing Old Spice. For those who are not a 100% experienced
man they offer advice on things like giving a good handshake and
how to avoid getting singled out in a police lineup.

Consist of Products like :
Clear Gel
Fresh Collection
Sweat Defense
Invisible Solid.

Industry Overview
Market Share Old Spice:
37.8% - Mens Deodorant
6.6% - Mens Fragrance
16% - Shaving Cream

Other brands showing a high degree of competition

Major Competitors
Axe antiperspirant and deodorant targets essentially the same
target audience as Old Spice. Axes brand image and
marketing/promotion is more focused on pure sex appeal. Its
advertisements depict men who attract good-looking women
represented by models that project sex appeal. The idea is that
using the product makes men smell fresh, look clean and
become desirable.
Other brands like Gillette, AXE etc along with many niche

Industry Attractiveness

Threat of New Entrants: Low

Bargaining Power of Buyers: High
Bargaining Power of Suppliers:
Threat of Substitutes: Low
Rivalry Among Existing

Brand association-old spice

Brand association is anything which is deep seated in
customers mind about the brand.
Humour,fun and surprise
Mantra like smell like a man,man, smell better than yourself, and
Smell the Power
High brand association with the spokesmans image such as being
funny guy, sports person, self confident and strong
Ship and sailor
Red colour

Product-old spice
The brand is focused largely on the male demographics .
It offering products such as cologne, after shave and other
shaving accessories.
The product lines are expanded primarily based on scent and
product type
Utilization of a similar color scheme containing red or white
packaging, various sailing ship logo and Old Spice written in
classic cursive.

Price-old spice
Old Spice antiperspirant/deodorant products have a price ranging from
$1.50 to $4.39.
This is reflective of a strategy that Old Spice offers a range of products
depending on consumer preference of scent and/or performance.
A smaller container with a basic scent was priced at $1.50, which
meets the needs of someone who is price conscience, but also
recognizes the value and quality of the Old Spice brand.
Old Spices High Endurance and Red Zone lines have higher price
levels, as they suggest better performance. In addition, these lines
have more scent offerings.

Market research shows that people are willing to pay more for improved
protection, along with pay extra for products and scents they like.
Consumers expect to get a premium quality product in terms of performance
and scent with Old Spice.
The higher performing lines of Old Spice have prices of $3.00 to $4.00 per
container, which supports the brand offering of high performance at a
moderate price point.
Old Spices product offerings cover the range of prices, which allows each
line to serve different demands in the segment.
Despite the various offerings, Old Spice is focused on its High Endurance
and Red Zone lines, which offer higher performance and more scent options.

Place-old spice
Grocery Stores
Online Shopping
Discount Stores

Promotion-old spice
Super Bowl Commercial-220,000 views in few hours
Youtube advertisements
Swag campaign Increased sales by 400%
Personalized video responses Successful campaign

What worked?
Short and Snappy video content
Multiple commercial quality videos
Kept the fans engaged (personalized video replies)
Market everywhere at once
Trust in the team (the idea of fast and absurd humour) 168
videos in 2 days

Old Spice found itself losing momentum over the past few years
as Axe grooming products, owned by Proctors rival Unilever,
have been experiencing rapid growth.
In the 90s they saw their brand image was deteriorating, seen
as less sexy. Who wants to smell like their grandfather when
these other ads are promising instant female attention?

Suggested Campaign
Focus on young age
Brand Association for present and targeted group
Avoiding over masculinity
Incorporation of essence of sexuality and gender attraction