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Task 5 - Research into

different magazines

Possible Genres Strengths &

Strengths Have mainly a young target audience, can be presented in different
ways, parents/carers would most likely buy the magazine for their younger family
members/children, can be based on a wide market with different social classes as
mainly for younger generation, can have a wide variety of
Weaknesses Has a niche market audience as not everyone likes pop music, doesnt
appeal to everyone and most likely wont be bought by the readers themselves.

Strengths Can be based on many different things e.g. A specific instrument that
people would use during creating Rock music, has a specific image e.g. Uses dark
colours, can be based on new and upcoming artists or previous ones.
Weaknesses Niche market audience, I personally dont know much about Rock
music as its not a genre I tend to listen to daily.

Strengths Targets a younger/teen audience, could be more popular so everyone
can keep up-to-date with the new music style/artists.
Weaknesses Certain artists to focus on


This name
of the magazine would
appeal to both genders as it
doesn't show femininity or
masculinity. This name
could appeal to any genre
of music but the audience
will know that its a music
magazine. Speakers are
used so music can be
played out loud and to an

CPM (Chart pop
music) This name for my

magazine would appeal to

both male and female
audiences. The masthead
shows the audience what
genre of magazine it is as it
says it within the letters. A
chart is what is used so
people are able to see what
5 possible
music is the newest and
POP! This masthead
names for
most popular. Simple and
would appeal to the
short. Latest This
audiences who like pop
would appeal to both
music which is a niche
genders and target
market audience. This
the audiences who
also shows the music
want to be up-to-date
genre of the magazine.
with the latest music
Short and snappy, can
tracks. Latest would
show the genre straight
Harmony The name of this masthead would appeal to tell the audience that
theyll show the
more of a female audience because the name sounds more
latest gossip, music
feminine to a magazine males would usually buy. This
doesnt show what genre of music the magazine is about,
but the audience will be able to tell its a music magazine.


Masthead Harmony(Aharoni) Harmony


For the masthead of my magazine I am going to use fonts such as

Aharoni, because this is a bold lettered font that would stand out at
the top of the page to attract the readers attention. This type of
font is very clear to read, so the readers are able to know what the
masthead is without a struggle. This also shows that its more of a
feminine magazine as the font isnt technical or shows any
masculinity as there will be curls and swirls presented on the cover
which its more delicate and unique so it would relate to my genre of
Pop music. Pop music mainly has short to medium-length songs,
written in a basic format (often the verse-chorus structure), as well
as the common employment of repeated choruses, melodic tunes,
and hooks. The font shows a quite modern style, so the target
audience will know it should have recent up-to-date music charts
inside the magazine to keep them attracted. The font has a little bit
of space between the letters which gives it a more unique effect to
the masthead. My font will also be large so that it is noticeable to
the audience that this is the name of my magazine and it will also
give it a brand image.
The fonts inside of my magazine will vary between different ones
depending on the sort of text its used in, if it was an editorial slip
on my contents page I would use fonts that look more like a
typewriter or hand lettered fonts to give it a human element.

The colours that I have decided to use throughout my
magazine are red, black and white as theyre all
complementary towards each other and stand out. This
will make my magazine look more professional as I have
chosen colours that complement each other and I will
be sticking to those three colours, I wont be using all
different ones because it would give my magazine a
messy look. The colours for my masthead will also need
to be stuck to, as it will give my magazine a brand
image and its own style. I will need to choose colours
and backgrounds that make my fonts readable so it
doesn't make it a struggle for the audience to read the
different pages. For example, I could have a red
background and both black and white text would stand
out and would be readable. The colour red can also give
the feeling of love and danger so Id have to make sure I
make sure that the text I use expresses the feeling I
want to create. If a certain colour becomes hard to read
Id most likely change the colour of the background,
change the font colour or use a shadow or a stroke to
give it a different and more visible effect. Pop is more of
a happy genre of music so I will be using the brighter
colours to represent the right feeling to the audience.

Could base my magazine


Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Sam Smith, Pharrell Williams, Ed

Sheeran, One Direction etc. as theyre all Pop music artists.
Recent/new music
Interviews of artists/bands

Recorded Focus Group

Task 5 Which name do you prefer for a Pop magazine, Harmony, POP!, CPM, Latest or Speakers?

Gina Hollender
I think that CPM (ChartPopMusic)
would be a good name for a Pop
magazine as its short and
memorable which will make it easier
for your target audience to
remember. CPM also stands for Chart
Pop Music which is clever creation
because the genre of music the
magazine is focusing on is within the
masthead. I also think this is a good
name for the magazine because it
can appeal to both genders although
females may prefer this genre.

Recorded Focus Group

Task 5 Which name do you prefer for a Pop magazine, Harmony, POP!, CPM, Latest or

Sophie Hughes
Out of the 5 names that you
have created for your own Pop
magazine, I think that Harmony
would be a good name for this
genre because it can appeal to
a specific target audience
which is younger females and
its catchy. This masthead also
shows what type of magazine
you are creating as you can tell
straight away from the word
Harmony that it has something
to do with music.

Articles from similar

(Free flowing article)

In this article I like the way the pages

have been set out, with the main
photo on the left side of the page
and the article on the right side. I
also like how the large letter S is
behind a part of the text so it
stands out more. The colour
scheme links to the main image as
there are dark colours used, so the
text has been written in a black
font so it links in some way to the
main image. The article is talking
about Lana Del Rey which is why
she is present next to the article as
its about her. This would also be
why her name is presented in the
top right hand corner of the page
so that the reader will be able to
tell straight away from this who the
double page spread is about.

Articles from similar

(Question and Answer)

For this article, the question is in

bold and in a different colour to the
answer so it stands out and gives a
heading for each. This makes it
easier for the reader to know which
questions theyre interested in and
which ones they aren't because they
can skip past them easily. Next to
the answers are the names of who is
answering the question because the
interview is with a six member
group. The main image is in the
centre of the double page spread
and it shows their personalities for a
fun, athletic males. The colour
scheme also links in with the main
image as the purple is the same
colour as a members trainers and
some of them are wearing white.
This is important to stick to the
colour theme so that the magazine
looks neater and more professional.

All of the research that I have found on Pop suggests that this type of
music genre should be aimed at a younger audience, this is because
they tend to be the main audience who enjoy listening to it more and
have some similar resemblance to the lyrics that the artists sing. Pop
music would be aimed at white middle class females who enjoy
listening to music on a daily basis and have an interest. This is why I
have decided to aim my own magazine at females but not go for the
typical 12-14 age range for a pop magazine, I would like to create a
Pop magazine for the older teens aged 16-18 as I believe that they
enjoy the music but find that the magazines tend to look to young for
them to buy, hence why only the younger females buy it which is a
niche market audience that I would like to look into. I will also be
creating a double page spread that consists of question and answers
as this seemed to be the sort of interview that they enjoyed reading
the most because they were able to read about celebrities personal
lives and gain different facts and information from it.