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The Resolute

I. Rizal Seeks Justice

for His Family
He sought the assistance of the
1. Associacion Hispano-Filipina and the
liberal newspapers in Madrid (La Justicia, El
Globo, El Dia, La Republica, El resumen,
etc) to ventilate the grievances of his
family and the oppressed tenants in his

Together with Marcelo H. Del Pilar

(who acted as his lawyer), Dr.
Dominador Gomez (who is the
secretary of Asociacion Hispano
Filipina), Rizal sought an audience
with Seor Fabie (Minister of
Colonies) to air the injustices
committed by Governor-General
Valeriano Weyler and the Dominican
friars against the Calamba folks.

El Resumen Madrid newspaper

sympathized with the

To cover the ears, open the

purse, and fold the arms
this is the Spanish colonial


Letter from Silvestre Ubaldo (Rizals
brother-in-law) copy of ejectment
order by Dominicans against Rizals
father & the Calamba tenants
Saturninas letter deportation to
Mindoro of Paciano Rizal, Antonio
Lopez, Silvestre Ubaldo, Teong (Mateo
Elejorde) and Dandoy (Rizals relative)
His parents were forcibly ejected
from their home and were then
living in the house of Narcisa
(Antoninos wife).

3. In desperation, Rizal sought the help of

former liberal statesmen of Madrid.
(Becerra and Maura)
Queen Regent Maria Cristina ruler of
Spain during the minority of Alfonso XIII.

II. The Death of Jose

Maria Panganiban
Jose Ma. Panganiban Rizals friend
and talented co-worker in the
He died in Barcelona on August 19,
1890 after a lingering illness.
Rizal deeply mourned the passing of
this Bicol hero so he wrote a great
eulogy to Panganiban.
In the eulogy, he praised Panganiban
for his extraordinary talent, intelligence
and industry and considered his death
as a lost for the country.

III. Aborted Duel

with Antonio Luna
End of August, 1890 Rizal attended a
social reunion of the Filipinos in Madrid.
Luna was bitter because of
his frustrated romance with
Nellie Boustead.

IV. A Duel with

Wenceslao E. Retana a press agent of the
friars in the Philippines. He attacked Filipinos
including Rizal, in the anti-Filipino newspaper
in Madrid, La Epoca.
Rizal challenged Retana to a duel
to vindicate the good name and
reputation of Rizals family.

V. The news
About the
Marriage of
Leonor Rivera

In the autumn of 1890- Rizal was

feeling bitter at so many
disappointments he encountered in
One night he and some friends
attended a play at Teatro Apollo.
And there he lost his gold wrist
watch chain with a locket
containing the picture of Leonor
Rivera, his beloved sweetheart.

December, 1890 Rizal received a letter from

Leonor, announcing her coming marriage with
an Englishman (Henry Kipping)

February 15, 1891 Blumentritt replied to

the letter of Rizal and comforted Rizal when
Rizal confide to him about his agony and
broken heart.

VI. Rizals
Break with
Del Pilar

Closing days of 1890 - there arise an

unfortunate rivalry between Rizal and del Pilar
for supremacy.
Rizal- leader of the Filipinos in Europe
however this declined because he had NO
PATIENCE with his more frivolous PAISANOS esp.
those who loved wine, women and cards.
Del Pilar- brave lawyer and journalist, famous
in Madrid with his bold editorial in La
Solidaridad; which he owned.
-bought it from Pablo Rianzares; first
-replaced Graciano Lopez Jaena as Editor
in Chief

January 1, 1891 (New Years Day)

the Filipinos of Madrid met to reorganize the
Asociacion Hispano Filipina to elect a
Responsable; a new leader who would act as a
spokesman of the Filipino cause in Europe

2/3 of the vote to be the

February 1891 (1st week) election starts
Filipinos were divided into two rival
Rizalistas and Pilaristas
Rizalistas worked hard for the election of
Pilaristas fought for del Pilars election

Candidates wanted to withdraw for the

sake of unity, but their fanatical followers
would not allow them to do so.
1st Balloting-either candidate failed to
garner the necessary two- thirds vote for
2nd vote- taken the next day with the same
Rizal counted the votes in his favour which
were nineteen (19).

I see that I have
only nineteen
friends in the colony.
Farewell, senores,
I'm going to
pack my bags---until we meet again.

Mariano Ponce, Antonio Luna, Teodoro

Sandiko (Pilaristas) change their votes
in favor of Rizal
But it was too late.
Rizal really meant what he said.
His presence in Madrid only served to split
the Filipinos, hence he thought it better
for the cause to depart and leave Del
Pilar without a rival in Madrid.

VII. An Affair with

Nelly Bousted
Rizal arrived in Biarritz in the early part of
February 1891.
Nellie Boustead
- For Rizal, she was the epitome of a
real Filipina, virtuous, highly intelligent, and
full of life.
{insert picture here}

2 Reasons Why the Affair was not

1. Rizal did not give up his Catholic faith
in exchange for the love of Nellie, who was
a devout Protestant.
2. Rizal was not acceptable to Nellys
* It was in this city where Rizal completed
the manuscript of his second novel, El

VIII. To Paris and

Brussels Once Again
Rizal left Biarritz on March 30, 1891 and
travel to Paris.
He stayed in the residence of his friend
Valentin Ventura.
He wrote letters to Jose Maria Basa in Hong
Kong and practice ophthalmology to
support himself.

From Paris, Rizal went to Brussels.

He again met Petite Suzanne with whom he
had a love affair before.
It was in this city where Rizal informed the
Propaganda authorities of his decision to
retire form the reform movement.

Rizal concentrated his time and effort in

revising the manuscript of the El

By May 30, 1891, Rizals sequel to the Noli

was ready for printing.


Amie M. Matira
Chellaine A.