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Industrial Computer

KBox Family
A family of economic
Industrial Computers

Introducing KBox A-101

An industrial computer family for the use in

small to medium performance industrial

Designed for 4

Wartungsfrei rating.

Combines economical value with German


Internet of Things Ready

The pulse of innovation

KBox A-101
Unique features in a small economic package

Based on Intel ATOM D2550 Dual core 1.86GHz 64 bit CPU, Microsoft Windows compatibility
at low power and cost budget.

rating Wartungsfrei

Fan less operation between -10 - 60 degrees operating temperature, no throttling

No battery, Real Time Clock (RTC) through gold cap.

No rotating storage media, standard SSD support

Dust free packaging

Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics (if connected through Ethernet or Wi-Fi)

Internet of Things Ready

Wi-Fi option through Mini-PCI

GPRS / LTE through Mini-PCI

Kontron - Remote monitoring and Diagnostics software optional pre-loaded.

The pulse of innovation

KBox A-101
Uniquely positioned

Full featured Industrial computer for small to medium scale HMI and/or control applications at
an entry level cost point.

Has all the features which makes it a truly German engineered Kontron Industrial computer
like 4

Wartungsfrei and Internet of Things Ready.

5 years life cycle guarantee (from start of production).

Standard models deliverable from stock.

Suitable for Individual design solutions.

The pulse of innovation

KBox A-101
Uniquely positioned

Fan less
USB 3.0

10,8 V to 30 V DC


The pulse of innovation

KBox A-101
Uniquely positioned

Ordernumber 2-A0CR-2008
Atom D2550, 2* GB LAN, 1* RS232, 2*
USB3.0, 2* USB 2.0, 1* DP, 24DC in

9 cutouts

The pulse of innovation

KBox A-101 Features

Fan less BOX

Compact design ( h58 x d140 x

1* CAN SJA 1000 on LPC bus or


Fieldbus by Mini PCI_e

D2550 Atom CPU

And 2nd RS232/422/485

Up to 4 GB DDR 3

Optional I/Os rear

2,5 internal bay ( SSD )

Digital I/O ( 4in 4 out)

LPC bus

Two Antennas for WLAN

1* Mini PCI_e socket

Goldcap ( maintenance free)

STD I/Os front


2* USB 2.0

Linux embedded

2* USB 3.0

2* RJ 45 GB LAN

1* RS232

1* DP

1* 24 V DC in ( 10,8V-30V)

Optional I/Os front



Wallmount horizontal

Booksize mount/ Cabinet mount

DIN Rail Mount

( just 4 rubber feed)

Operating systems

The pulse of innovation

KBox A-101 Online price list

The pulse of innovation

-- 9

Introducing KBOX C-101

Scalable performance and minimum

cabling* by COM Express plus
baseboard approach
Reduced obsolescence management by
easy exchange of processor module
Easy individualization by flexible
processor configuration
Connection of industrial monitors via
modern DisplayPort interface

* cable needed only for HDD/SSD


April 2014

The pulse of innovation

-- 10

Future-proof by high connectivity and flexible extensions

3x independent GbE interfaces with

IEEE1588 support for time
Flexible expansion for fieldbus and I/O
via 2x PCIe and 2x mPCIe slots
Flexible storage solutions via 2x mSATA
internal and 2x SATA at front with RAID
0,1,5,10 support
Easy individual look&feel/branding/logo
via Lexan foil at front side


April 2014

The pulse of innovation

-- 11

Reduced service cost and total cost of

ownership (TCO)

rating Wartungsfrei
Fan less operation
No rotating storage media with SSD
No battery, special RTC circuitry minimal 40 days backup thru GoldCap
10 ms hold up time
Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics via KEAPI
Rescue Functionality (EFI/BIOS boot from second device)
UPS optional on project base


April 2014

The pulse of innovation

KBox C-101 on Line Price list


The pulse of innovation

- 13

Kontron KBox C-100

High performance

Connectors up/down, comfortable to connect drives

3rd generation Intel Core i processors
Scalable with COM Express
4x GbE with IEEE1588 support
2x CFast slot with lock
1x PCIe low profile for expansion
128kByte NVRAM for control applications
Qualified for 3S motion control software
Qualified for RTS hypervisor


November 26, 2013

The pulse of innovation

- 14

Kbox C-100

3rd Generation Intel Core i7:

Quad-Core 2.1GHz with up to 8GB memory
Dual-Core Celeron 1.4GHz with 2GB memory
7xUSB 2.0, 4x10/100/1000MBit LAN, COM
2 x SATA Drives for CFAST, HDD or SSD
(CFAST removable)
PCI Express slot (low profile)
Thermal controlled fan (5 steps)
MTBF 70.000 hours (8 years)
Supply voltage 24VDC (+/-10%)
Custom front via foils (look&feel, logo)
The pulse of innovation

- 15

KIC2 Industrial Control Box-PC

Extensive software support

Win 7, Win XP, WES2009
Linux, VxWorks on request
Real Time Systems Hypervisor
Codesys Control RTE V3.5 under
Win7 w. realtime extension

The pulse of innovation

- 16

Overview KBox B-101


Outlines( 280 x 100 x 230)

Haswell H81 up to i7 Desktop 4 GEN

Up to 16 GB DDR 3

1* 2,5 internal bay ( SSD or HDD)

1* Removable HDD bay 2,5 (SSD or

1* PCI_e x 16 Slot Low Profile

Mini PCI_e socket

OS: WIN 7, WIN 8, Linux


4* USB 3.0

4 * USB 2.0

2* RJ 45 GB LAN

HD Audio codec VT1708S supporting


7.1 channel surround sound



STD / I/Os front




2* DP

2* RS232

AC in

Desktop mounting

Optional features

Wall mount set

Removable 2,5 bay

Strictly confidential just for internal use

The pulse of innovation

- 17

KBox B-101 outlines and views max I/Os

Outlines (W x H x D ) ( 280 mm x 100 mm x 230 mm)



Strictly confidential just for internal use

The pulse of innovation

- 18

KBox B-101 outlines and views max I/Os

Front View
4* USB 2.0

2* RS232

PCI_e Slot
Low profile



Optional Removable HDD bay

I/O Shield KTH81

The pulse of innovation

OPL Available 08.05.2014


The pulse of innovation

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