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Advertisement Coverage
Advertising coverage stands for the
classifications of advertizing on the
basis of different levels of coverage
impact on the prospects. It is seen
from different angles by different
peoples engaged in this vast vista of

Classification- Advertising Coverage

Geographic coverage
Audience coverage
Demand coverage
Action coverage
Target/Item coverage
Media coverage

Geographic Coverage
Advertising reaches the people, prospects or
the consumers throgh different media which
are classified on the basis of geographic
coverage as :International advertising
National advertising
Regional advertising
Local advertising

Audience Coverage
From the view point of advertising throgh which
the advertising is designed to influencethe
following major type of audiences could be
possible:Consumer advertising
Industrial advertising
Trade advertising
Professional advertising

Demand Coverage
From the advertising point of view the demand
could be classified as :Primary demand advertising-> it is designed
to increase the sales of demand for a type or
class of products.
Secondary demand advertising-> once the
primary demand starts picking up, the
producer move over to the secondary or
speific demand.

One of the major aims of advertising is to get
desired action from the interested persons,
the action so coveraged can be direct or
Direct action-> it is the one that is made to
obtain some immediate response from the
reader as well as the listener.
Indirect action->it is te one that is designed to
influence the reader or listener to have
favourable impression.

Target Coverage
It implies the item of which the advertising is

done. The item may be1. A product

2. Service
3. Institution
Product advertising aims at popularising the
product,Service advertising orients at
service promotion,Institutional dvertising is
concened with building up the reputation.

Media Coverage
It implies the different media used by the
advertisers in their messages to the
audience.the media used are :Indoor

Origin $ Growth of advertisng

Advertising has a history of thosands of years.IT
started as soon as man discovered the art of
communication.The growth of advertisingis
seen in six different periods as follows:Ancient times-criers and wall signs.
9th to 15th century-free samples.
16th to 17 centurynewsletter,newsbook,newspaper.
18th to 19th century-magazine advertisement
20th century-radio, television media.

Avertising Planning
It is a managerial responsibilty of giving and
advertising plan.It states the goals and
describes in full the details as well the nature
of advertising.An effective plan needs the
answer of following questions:1. How much to spend on advertising?
2. When and How frequently to advertise?
3. What alternative media to employ?
4. What an advertisement says?
5. What advertisement is attaining?

Steps of advertising planning:An effective and efficient advertising plan is

needed to be made with full knowledge and for
this some folloeing certain steps are needed to
be followed:1. Study of micro $ micro environment
2. Setting of organisation goal
3. Defining the target market
4. Conducting marketing research
5. Designing a marketing plan
6. Designing a marketing plan

After the desingning a marketing plan further steps

are needed to be taken are as follows :
Determining a marketing plan

Determining advertising goals

Preparation of advertising budget

Testing the advertising plan

Executing the advertising plan

Evaluating the advertising plan

And thus the steps are completed which lead to an
efficient and effective advertising plan.

Advertising as Science
Advertising is a science for it has evolved as a
systemised body of knowledge,it is a social
science and hence inexact the results are
not accurate as the circumstances of
advertiser can hardly predict the future

Advertising as ART or Profession

It is accepted more as an art because the
principles are to put into practice by
experienced tackling the problems. Of late it
has been accepted as a profession because it
has attained the status of a profession and the
indication of th same is development of
advertising agencies.

IT could be easily concluded from the provided
information that advertising being a mass
communication process of persuading the
prospects thus it has direct links between the
consumer as well their relations. It is the main
important channel through which the products
and consumers come into contact.
Hence, the most important ingredient of