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Brief Overview

Started of as Anderson

Headquartered in Dublin,

Worlds largest consulting firm

Multinational management
consulting, technology services
and outsourcing company

Consistent of Fortune Global

500 list, known for innovative
marketing campaigns and
having 87 of top fortune 100
companies as it's clients .

Mechanistic Structure

Centralization: Decision-making kept as high as possible.

Most communication is vertical.

Extensive use made of rules & Standard Operating Procedures

Much written communication

Individual specialization:
Employees work separately and specialize in one task

Simple integrating mechanisms:

Hierarchy of authority well-defined


Disadvantage of Structure

Charles Perrow Technology






Woodward technology

High Technical Complexity

Company struture according to

1. Accenture follows Organic
2. It also follows tall structure
with narrow span of control
( 10-12) w.r.t first line of
3. Cost of Operation involved
is low
4. Levels in hierarchy is
between 6-8

Thompson Technological
Company uses mainly sequential long
linked technology which requires high
planning and scheduling.

Business Strategy

Business and Operating Model Strategy

It help to anticipate industry trends & create resilient and flexible
business models to deliver the best strategic outcomes.

Innovation and Product Development

It helps clients bring innovative ideas to market more successfully
while creating sustainable cost and capital efficiencies.

Corporate Development and Growth

Accenture helps executives address the complex issue of delivering
efficient growth and operational performance by ensuring robust
strategy and planning mechanisms and successful execution.

Digital Business Strategy

Leaders work with Accenture to build their digital business. A digital business
innovates business outcomes through unique customer experiences and new
combinations of information, business resources, and technology.

Enterprise Transformation
It has developed a comprehensive methodology to understand business models,
hypothesize changes, and evaluate the economic cost/benefit case of strategic
alternatives. The proprietary assets developed through years of transformation
experience and thought capital help to accelerate delivery and enhance the way
we collaborate with clients.

Manufacturing Strategy and Operations

It collaborates with manufacturers to help them devise agile
strategies, managing across a global ecosystem of suppliers, partners
and customers.

Technology strategy

Enterprise Architecture and Application

Our experienced professionals assist companies across industries to create
and implement effective enterprise architectures and application strategies.

IT Strategy and Transformation

It has built world-class IT strategy consulting capabilities to help
organizations capitalize on emerging growth prospects, high levels of IT
efficiency and position the IT organization and business for the future.

Business Continuity
Management (BCM) Policy
To meet strategic, operational, contractual, legal and
client requirements. Compliance with this policy is
mandatory for all Accenture in India employees,
service providers and building occupants

Ensure that the business continuity activities are

conducted and implemented in an agreed and
controlled manner so as to cause minimal impact to
business from various disruptions
Achieve and maintain a business continuity
capability that meets the business needs and is
appropriate to the size, complexity and nature of
Accentures growing business in India

Establish adequate levels of prevention and resilience in
Accentures services
Protect and support Accentures employees, assets and
business in the event of disruption
Resume normal business activities within the best
possible timeframe to meet the business, client,
contractual and legal requirements of BCM
Impart awareness of business continuity to all
Ensure necessary arrangements are made with thirdparty service providers, vendors and suppliers so they
will be able to support critical services in the event of a

Organizational Environment
Specific Environment
The forces from outside stakeholders
General Environment
The forces that shape the specific
environment and affect the ability of all
organization in a particular environment
to obtain resources.

General Environment
Economic Forces: Accenture tries to obtain
its input of service from countries having
lower wage rate for e.g. 45% of employees
are from Indian and other developing nations
Technological Forces: Field force
automation technology help capture real
time information and thus clients can take
decisions without time delay. It increases
efficiency too.
Political, Ethical and Environmental:
Accenture complies with local governments
laws and regulations.

Porters Five Forces

Companies have
multiple options to
choose from
But switching and
transitions cost for a
company are high

High competition in Indian IT

industry due to presence of a
relatively large number of big
players like TCS, Infosys, Wipro,
HCL etc

Company employs
mainly engineer

India has a lot of

skilled work force .

Company mainly
caters to big projects
requiring extensive
infra .

Thus threat if new

entrants is low

Too many services in the IT

sector in the country

Hence there is relatively high


Organization Culture
Core Values

Mergers and acquisitions