Re-factoring of NSN inventory solution

Hannu Vainio-Mattila
13. November 2007

For internal use
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CONDIS without CINCOM / Hyötyläinen, Pettersson / 2007-11-08

pilot) Added customer value: • Modern web-based SOA-architecture supports OES platform • Only one client. Easy customization. Modern technology How to make it • Rewrite existing functions to modern web architecture • Prioritize Public Interfaces and Customizability • Improve usability without risking time-frame For internal use 2 © Nokia Siemens Networks CONDIS rel 8 / general timetable / 13 Nov 2007 .Summary Solution: • Move all current Power-user functionality to Web Client until May/2008 • Intermediate Version until Feb/2008 (ready to market.

the environment CRM/BSS Enterprise Application Integration Workflow Management Order Manager Circuit Designer CONDIS Cable Change Manager Spare Part Manager CONDIS GIS Fault Management Trouble Ticketing Performance Management Data Repository Resource Manager Service Manager Forecasting/ Planning Synchronization Manager Other Inventory EMS/ NMS Subscribers For internal use 3 © Nokia Siemens Networks Products CONDIS Services CONDIS rel 8 / general timetable / 13 Nov 2007 Devices Network .Modular Structure of CONDIS.

Modular Architecture – No major changes SOA Functional Modules Circuit Manager Spare Part Manager Order Manager Cable Manager Service Manager Change Manager Core Customization Toolkit Templates Resource Manager Base Module Technology Models Adapters Synchronization Manager EMS For internal use 4 © Nokia Siemens Networks Geographical Information System (GIS) NMS Delivery Manager Other Inventory CONDIS rel 8 / general timetable / 13 Nov 2007 Provisioning Activation Configuration .

Inventory use cases. which customers are affected by a problem • Flow-through provisioning from order to activation • Automation of operational business processes CONDIS rel 8 / general timetable / 13 Nov 2007 . as before. but through the web client • Efficient usage of existing resources for best value End-to-end view on all network information Network planning and roll-out Asset & spare part management Fault enrichment for fast reaction to problems Integrated provisioning and service management For internal use 5 © Nokia Siemens Networks of your assets • Less reworks due to accurate and up-to-date information • Comprehensive planning in multi-technology multi-vendor networks • Complete network equipment life-cycle management • Know about the faults before customer calls you • Know immediately.

g. external Inventory) For internal use 6 © Nokia Siemens Networks Web Services VAST Operating System (UNIX) CONDIS rel 8 / general timetable / 13 Nov 2007 Synchronization Manager Oracle / JBOSS .Target Architecture V8 (E5/2008) Web Client Internet Explorer All features in Web Client •Moving towards web clients •Changes in the user interfaces and architecture Web Services (VAST) HTTP WEB Server Map Server MS Apache MapPoint CONDIS WEB Framework Seaside CONDIS Public Interfaces APIs / CLI Import / Export OO Application Server and Repository (e.

2 (Current) • • • • • • • • •3 • • • Height units in Rack Views Logout after Predefined Time Nested Queries Change Tributary Ports of used SDH Path Read-Only Mode for QueryManager Re-architectured View function Service Views for logical net Create Combination Service Voice Service of type VoIP Support of STM-0 Using Redundancy Groups in Circuit Wizard NGN-Network Modeling CONDIS 8.NET  CAD • OES support WEB GUIs Interfaces and platforms Interfaces and platforms • Integration to NetAct for hardware.• IBM Blade HW sw and license upload • Integration to NetAct CM3 • Integration to NetAct Reporter • Integration to NPM • Integration to NetAct Traffica • Integration to SQM • Integration to ERP Interfaces and platforms • OES platform • CM* • SID compliant data services • mTOP MTOSI Tentative roadmap items with cursive letters CONDIS rel 8 / general timetable / 13 Nov 2007 . CORBA • Web Services fw • CONDIS Synchronization Manager • Micromuse Netcool (JMS) For internal use 7 © Nokia Siemens Networks RENEWED TECHNOLOGY   •     • • • IP Backbone Modeling IP MPLS modeling Carrier Ethernet support Standard Packages for NM / EM Synchronization Mobile service model Auto-discovery from network CMDB for IT applications Cable pair and fiber planning Product Modeler Device Capability Model CONDIS 9. JMS.0 delayed but targeting to similar content CONDIS 7.0 (2Q/2008) CONDIS 8.0 (2009)    Standard information model IMS and Fixed Mobile Convergence service wizards Generic model for Number Management     Telephone numbers IP addresses SIM cards Service Delivery Platform support  3rd Party GUIs for planning  Visio  .1 (4Q/2008) • • • • • • Broadband xDSL provisioning support Enhanced Asset Management for financials Alarm & TT enrichment and impact analysis Cable Telephony Model Standard FTTH Model IPTV Standard Model months delay Interfaces and platforms • C.Roadmap: 8. Java. http(s).

Functional Target of End-Delivery May 2008 • • • • New solution will cover all currently supported high-level use cases All features available in modern rich web client Modernized architecture with SOA based interfaces Easier and faster customization due to clear interfaces -> Targeted for new NSN customers in the funnel For internal use 8 © Nokia Siemens Networks CONDIS rel 8 / general timetable / 13 Nov 2007 .

Schedule New start P 6 Content revised P3 & Committed Development Environment + CM P 7 System Testing Non-functional Testing Training staff on new development environment & tools Intermediate version (demo/trial) Framework for Web Client wizards and applications Re-factoring to Web Client C1 C2 C3 Documentation P11/07 For internal use 9 © Nokia Siemens Networks C4 P01/08 CONDIS rel 8 / general timetable / 13 Nov 2007 Pilots & Deliveries Offering Marketing P12/07 C5 P02/08 P03/08 P04/08 P05/08 .CONDIS 8.0 .

Use Case Delivery Time-frame X X X X X X X Network-planning and roll-out Asset & spare part management E09/2008 X E05/2008 E02/2008 Currently End-to-end view on all network information Fault enrichment for fast reaction to problems X X X X Integrated provisioning and service management X X X X For internal use 10 © Nokia Siemens Networks CONDIS rel 8 / general timetable / 13 Nov 2007 .

Module Delivery Time-frame E02/2008 E05/2008 E09/2008 Currently Base Module (except Views) X X X Views X Resource Manager X Cable Manager X X X X GIS Module X X X Service Manager X X X Circuit Designer X X Change Manager X X Order Manager X X Spare Part Manager X X Synchronization Manager X X X X Delivery Manager X X X X Fault Management Adapter X X X X CRM Adapter X X X X X X Customization Toolkit For internal use 11 © Nokia Siemens Networks CONDIS rel 8 / general timetable / 13 Nov 2007 .