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Presented By:
Group 6
Priti Bansal
Rohan Jain
Abhinav Mishra
Riddhi Kundu
Mayur Purohit
Nishant Vats

Situational analysis
Green v/s McDonald
Green was a hands on person with little regard for structure, he believed all issues could be

clarified face to face and had a singular view of the problems. He was a little rigid in his beliefs for
example when he thought that achieving the level of growth stated by Davis was unattainable
Davis on the other hand seems to be more reserved, he seems to be meticulous, everything he

does is based on analysis of the data that he has, he rarely relies on hunches
Style of Working
Green doesn't care much for rules, standards protocols or hierarchy & openly disagrees with

Davis in a meeting. He could have done it on a one to one basis and could have been more
conservative to avoid a clash. Also, Green doesnt makes proper documentations, doesnt
updates calendar and does not informs his superiors about the last minute changes in decisions.
Davis on the other hand is meticulous and believes in a more traditional working philosophy and

expects the same from Green. He believes in hierarchy and structure as he has risen through the
ranks and hence is well aware of how to go about the business It is quite possible that he
considers Greens behaviour as casual and irresponsible.

Davis would not have hired Green for the position as he would have liked to have

someone who has spent a decent amount of time in the organization , as he himself had
risen through the ranks.
He expects to be always kept in the loop, and expects Green to conform to company

standards and update the work timely, update his whereabouts timely and make proper
Green, meanwhile expects to be appreciated for his free wheeling approach and wants to

work in a manner which pleases him as he believes he is more productive that way.
He also wishes to sort out all his clients problems through conversations rather than give

them some sort of documentation to prove his view.

Greens situation
Neglected the office politics and hardly had any allies in office to look up to
Too much confidence on self ideas and estimations and unwillingness to observe and
learn from surrounding situation
Failed to develop effective working relationship with his boss David
Did not leverage upon his relationship with McDonald, for example he had met her only
twice after promotion
Too much of financial liabilities

Should Thomas Green agree to rectify shortcomings

mentioned by Frank Davis and work the way Davis wants

him to work?

Thomas Green should immediately change his working

style to appease Frank Davis

Thomas Green should look at opportunities outside

Dynamic Displays to suit his style of working

Thomas Green should meet McDonald and Frank over

current problem and clarify his vision and his style of


Criteria for evaluation


Greens Job Security


Greens Style of Working


Organizations work culture

Evaluation of options
Change his
working style

Look at
outside Dynamic

Meet McDonald
and Frank over
current problem

Job Security




Own Style of




Work Culture




It is recommended that Thomas Green should meet
McDonald and Frank over current problem and clarify his
vision and style of working

Action plan
1. Setup an individual meeting with both McDonald and
Davis followed by a meeting together, in order to
understand their expectations.
2. Take feedbacks in a positive manner.