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.The standards of regulating movements on

roads, streets, and, highways are found in
traffic laws, rules and regulations
.In the Philippines, the mass of traffic laws,
rules and regulations have their source in
laws, Presidential decree (P.D.s), Executive
Orders and (E.O.s), letters of instructions
(L.O.Is), Administrative Orders and
Implementing Memoranda and other Special
Laws relative to traffic operation and traffic
law enforcement.

.As a traffic law enforcer, it is essential

that you should be familiar with these
rules and regulations
.In addition, traffic signs, pavement
markings, and other control devices are
traffic law themselves. Violation of such
constitute misdemeanor or infraction of
The following are the basis for the traffic
regulations and prohibitions in the

1.Republic Acts
a. R.A 4136.
This is the basic law regulating
land transportation in the philippines. It has
repealed Act No. 3992 (The Revised Motor
Vehicle Law). Further, as amended by R.A.
Nos.5715, 6374, PD Nos. 382, 843, 896, 1057,
1934, 1950, Bp Blg. 43, 74, and 398
b. R.A. 6539. The act which known as the AntiCarnapping Act of 1972, the act preventing
and penalizing carnapping .
c. R,A 548. act imposing a tax on private
owned passenger automobiles, motorcycles
and scooters, and a science stamp tax, to
constitute a special science fund defining the

, projects and activities of science

agencies to be financed therefrom and
for other purposes.
d. R.A 8749. Also known as the Clean
air Act which regulates emission of toxic
gases of both gasoline and diesel engines
and bans the use of leaded gas for
gasoline engines.
e. R.A. 8750 .It provides for the
attachment of seat belts for all types of
motor vehicles and imposes penalty for
the no compliance there of.
f. R.A. 7924 The act creating the metro
politan manila development Authority ,
defining its powers and functions,

2. Presidential Decrees
a. P.D No. 96. regulating
the use of sirens,
bells, horns bell, etc. on motor vehicles which
produce unusual or startling sounds as well as
blinkers and other similar devices unless the
vehicle belongs to the AFP, NBI, PNP, BJMP,
Hospitals and Fire departments and are
specifically intended for use in emergencies.
b. P.D. No. 101.expediting the methods of
prescribing redefining or modifying the lines
and modes of operations of public utility
motor vehicles in the philippines .
c. P.D No.207 . Declaring as pert of the laws
of the philippines the viena convention on
road traffic, signs and signals.

P.D No. 612. Requiring compulsary
insurance for all types of motor vehicles
against third party liability as an
additional pre-requisites for registration
by the LTO.
P.D 1686. Imposing a tax on every
motor vehicle equipped with air
P.D 1181. Providing for the
abatement of air pollution from motor
vehicle and for other purposes.
P.D 1605. Granting the metro
politan manila commission certain
powers related to traffic management
and control in metropolitan manila

P.D 98. Regulating the issuance of
license plates of all motor vehicles
P.D 109. Modifying P.D. 98.
P.D. 1729. Authorizing the bureau
of land transportation to dispose of
impounded motor vehicles unclaimed by
owners for a certain period of time.
P.D. 1730. Declaring the
syndicated, manufacture, distribution,
possession or use of fake official bureau
of land transportation forms ,documents,
plates and stickers as offenses involving
economic sabotage.

3. Letters of Instruction (L.O.I.s)


L.O.I No. 43. providing for the removal of all

impediments on roads, streets, and highways
such as constructions, stalled or parked
vehicles and other movable property that
obstruct free passage . This LOIU abrogated
city or municipal ordinances governing the
disposition of traffic on city and municipal
streets throughout the country.
b. L.O.I No. 112. Prohibiting freight and cargo
trucks from using roads, highways and
bridges whose load capacities are in excess of
specific allowable limits.
c. L.O.I No. 229 Requiring all motor vehicle
owners , users, or drivers to have in their




Possession at all times while driving at least one

pair of early warning device (EWD)for use when
the vehicle is disable on roads, streets and
highways or other emergencies compelling the
vehicle to be on stop position.
L.O.I No. 716 Every motor vehicle to equip at
least a pair of early warning devices.
L.O.I No.551 Directing the law enforcement
agencies to implement the pollution control
Calling for the national tripartite conference to
consider the establishment of viable labor
management relations based upon the
boundary system in land transportation.
L.O.I No.




L.O.I. 853 Calling for the national

tripartite conference to consider the
establishment of viable labor
management relations based upon the
boundary system in land
L.O.I. 1009 All owners of private motor
vehicles who desire to stop operating or
using their number plates an d
registration certificates to surrender to
L.O.I. 1071 Owners and/or operators of
motor vehicles are authorized to pay
then annual premiums for then
insurance of their motor annual

4. Department orders (D.O.s)



DOTC D.O. 88-305 Rules of pleadings ,

practice and procedure for appeals on
franchising , fare rates charges and other
related matters pertinent to land
transportation public utilities .
D.O 93-693 Revised schedule of
administrative fees and charges of the
land transportation office.

5.Administrative and special orders





Administrative Order No. VIII, S-1968, LTC

Requiring the towing and impounding of
stalled motor vehicles on public highways and
other impositions of corresponding fees
Administrative Order No.1, S-1873, LTC.
Prescribing guidelines and procedures in the
implementation of PD No. 96
Administrative Order No.1, S-1975, LTC. Laying
down specific rules of action in the imposition
of uniform fines and penalties for violation of
the provisions of R.A. 4136
Administrative Order No.101-IRM, LTC
Enumerating and identifying various city
streets where parking is prohibited

6.Memorandum circulars



LTC Memorandum to all patrol officers ,

deputies and agents dtd 09 august 1975 .
Directing the motor vehicles whose loads are
rice , cereals ,fertilizers and other prime
commodities are not to be apprehended and
stopped on roads and highways except only in
cases of serious violations.
LTC Memorandum circular No. 33, dated 12
september 1972 . Providing guidelines in the
apprehension of illegally parked motor
LTC Circular No. 15, dated 19 january 1972.
Regulating and laying instructions in the use of
special commemorative motor vehicle plates.

d. M.C. 94-199. aide-memoir regarding

retention and authority by LTO to register
motorized tricycles under R.A. 4136, and
guidelines to implement devolution of
LTFRBs franchising authority over TCs
per R.A. 7160 issued by DOTC.
e. M.C. 94-188 Issuance of drivers license to
disabled persons.
f. M.C. 92-146. Re-implementation of LOI
229 , as amended by LOI 479 directing
the installation of early warning devices
of motor vehicles
g. M.C. 94-192 Diesel smoke emission test
for motor vehicles

h. M.C. 90-020. Directing all public land

transportation service operation and
drivers to display in any conspicuous
place of their vehicles the authorized
fare matrix for the specific route
granted them to avoid conflict
i. M.C. 93-011 Enjoining all public utility
operators to use garage instead of public
places or side streets in parking their
M.C. 94-002 Sanctions on operators
arising from the violations of their
k. M.C.94-209 Clarificatory guidelines for

7.Excecutive Orders (E.O.s)





E.O. 125. Reorganizing the DOTC, defining its

powers and function and for other purposes.
E.O. 266 Providing for two service units in the
office of the asst. sec. for land transportation
in the DOTC (law enforcement service-LES
and traffic adjudication service-TAS), defining
the powers and functions thereof and for
other purposes.
E.O.202. Creating the land transportation
franchising and regulatory board (LTFRB).
E.O.248. Empowering the land transportation
commission to control and supervise the
operations of motor vehicle driving schools.

8.Other special laws ,statutes, etc

Batas pambansa Blg. 344(B.P.344). Act to

enhance the mobility of disabled persons by
requiring certain buildings , institution,
establishments and public utilities to install
facilities and other devices.
Section 1, par.2 In the case of the parking
place of any of the above institutions ,
buildings , or establishments , or public
utilities , the owner or operator shall reserve
sufficient and suitable space for the use of
disabled persons
Section.2 Incase of public conveyance ,
devices such as the prominent display of
posters , stickers shall

be used to generate public awareness of

the rights of the disabled and other
posters understanding of their special
needs discriminating against disabled
persons in the carriage or transportation
of passengers is hereby declared
b. Memorandum unnumbered dated july
13,1992 Early warning device (EWD) not
a requirement for registration.
e. SC Bars Lawmen from removing car
plates (187 SCRA 432)