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to traditional teacher
English teacher: Gruca

What is a Portfolio?

According to

a hinged cover or flexible case for

carrying loose papers, pictures, or


the use of such a case to carry

documents of state]: the office and
functions of a minister of state or
member of a cabinet

the securities held by an

investor: the commercial paper
held by a financial house (as a bank)

a set of pictures (as drawings or

photographs) usually bound in book
form or loose in a folder

a selection of a student's work (as

papers and tests) compiled over a
period of time and used for
assessing performance or progress

Portfolio Blog

collectionof projects and

assignments that help
demonstrate your personal and
academic growth. Individual
assignments are often
byreflectionsthat provide
context or some interpretation
of their importance

Blog platforms

They are ideal platforms for the twostep process

ofcollectionandreflection. First,
the portfolio blog as a container is
content agnostic, organizing and
showcasing a range of file types and
content types easily. Second, the
blog format also makes reflections
from the student or their peers or
professors easy to manage and

5 Reasons a Portfolio Should Be

a Blog


A focus on both a growth

portfolio and a showcase
An opportunity to focus on
traditional literacy.
The ability to use a wide
array of literacies.
The ability to develop an
Developing a voice.

Blog portfolio

Teacher EPortfolio

A Teacher E-Portfolio is:


opportunity to effectively represent ourselves and our

A place to collect and save coursework
A chance to showcase accomplishments and school work
to family and friends
A web portal for accessing our work, tracking our
academic growth, and planning your career
A portal that helps connect educational goals with
personal experience
An electronic resource you can use to apply for transfer
and financial aid at a our year school
A chance to reflect on our education, to make connections
between where we are and where we want to be
A record of our skills, achievements, and learning

Designing a well-organized
and professional teaching
portfolio can give us an
edge in a competitive job
market, and help us score
high marks on our school's
teacher evaluation form. It
is, however, a timeconsuming endeavor (the
average portfolio takes
about two to three days of
work), and once built, our
portfolio will require regular