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Book Review Of

Think & Grow Rich

-Napoleon Hill
Anay Mashruwala

About The Book

13 Proven Steps to Riches
Inspired By Andrew Carnegie
Organized through 25 years of
research, in collaboration with more
than 500 distinguished men of great
wealth, who proved with their own
achievements that this philosophy of this
is practical.

1. Burning Desire

The man who though his way into

partnership with Thomas A. Edison
-Edwin C. Barnes
The Three Feet away.
Authors Son.

2. Faith
The head chemist of mind at work.
All thoughts which have been
emotionalized and mixed with faith, begin
immediately to translate themselves into
their physical equivalent or counterpart.

2. Faith
Faith is the Eternal Elixir which gives life, power and
action to the impulse of thought!
Faith is the starting point of all accumulation of riches
Faith is the basis of all miracles and mysteries which
cannot be analyzed by the rules of Science!
Faith is the element, the chemical which when mixed
with prayer gives one direct communication with Infinite
Every one of the forging statements is capable of Proof.

3. Auto-Suggestion
Working of the brain and the principle of
Sub-conscious mind takes suggestion
only in the state of complete faith.
Reference of this mechanism is also in the
course of self fulfilling prophecy.

4. Specialized Knowledge
Is Knowledge Power?

Knowledge when organized in

specific plans an given direction is
converted into power

4. Specialized Knowledge
Mr. Henry Ford quoted by Chicago
Newspaper as an ignorant pacifist.

5. Imagination
Mans Only Limitation lies in his
development and use of

Two forms of Imagination

Synthetic Imagination
Arrangement of old plans and concepts
into new form and in new direction.
Creative Imagination
Through this man has direct contact with
the infinite intelligence. This is the type of
imagination one derives Hunches and

The Enchanted Kettle

6.Organized Planning

Organized Planning, the

crystallization of Desire into action

7. Decision

What would I do If I had 1 million

Dollars ?
Mr. Gunsaulus.

8. Persistence
Thomas Edison
Henry Ford and The single caste multicylinder engine
Kate Smith Broadway singer
Fannie Hurst Great Laughter

9. The Mastermind
Co-ordination of knowledge and effort, in a
spirit of harmony, between two or more
people, for the attainment of a definite
The greatest Master Mind creator our very
own Bapu.

10. Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind is the

connecting link between the finite
intelligence of man and the infinite

11. The Brain

One of the biggest mysteries known to
man is the Brain.
A bundle of 1000000000000000 cells that
are interconnected.
Telepathy, its existence and study of its
The Broad casting and receiving station of
Human Body

12.The Sixth Sense

The door to the temple of Wisdom.
The Angel Guardian
The invisible Counselor

13. Six Ghosts of Fear

Fear of Poverty
Fear of Criticism
Fear of ill health
Fear of Loss of love of someone
The fear of old age
The fear of death

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