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Md. Nazmul Islam


About Unilever
Unilever was created in 1930 by the merger
of the operations of Britishsoap
makerLever Brothers.
Unileveris anAnglo-Dutchmultinational
corporationthat owns many of the world's
consumer product
agentsandpersonal care products.

The origin dates back to 1964, when the first
Manufacturing Operations were set up as a part
of Lever Brothers Pakistan operations.
Own manufacturing operations are based in
Over the last four decades, Unilever
Bangladesh has been constantly bringing new
and world-class products for the Bangladeshi
people to remove the daily drudgery of life.
Over 90% of the countrys households use one
or more of our products

For Career Opportunities
Career in

Brands & Development

Career in

Supply Chain

Career in

Human Resources

Career in


Career in

Information Technology

Career in

Customer Development

Career in Brands
Brand Building careers are for marketing
professionals who would like to take
innovative leads and gain their share of the
consumers' wallet in the local marketplace.
For Brands and Development functions, one needs
to have:
A real interest in consumers as well as intuitive
understanding of their behavior, and what works (and
doesn't!) in specific markets.
Very strong interpersonal skills and the ability to lead
cross functional team.
Strong analytical ability.
For those interested in Development, technical skills in
areas of work (packaging development and process
Creativity inspired by a passion for growth.

Career in Supply Chain

Unilever supply chain management is one of
the most advanced, efficient and challenging
systems; from finding the raw materials to
delivering end product.
For Supply Chain One need the following skills:
A high level of numeric proficiency and strong analytical
Strong Negotiation skills
Relationship and alliance management skills
An entrepreneurial approach to the innovation and cost
saving opportunities in supply markets
The ability to work with other business cultures, and to
organize effective links between them and our business.

Career in Human

Unilevers people are our most important

asset. In Human Resources (HR), youll support
and develop those people, enabling them to
deliver outstanding business performance.
To do thisOne need:
A real interest in how people drive the business.
Strong interpersonal and leadership skills.
The strength and integrity to take tough decisions when
Strong understanding of the overall business.
An interest in coaching and developing people.

Career in Finance
Finance in Unilever Bangladesh Ltd. is about
being "Partners in Value Creation": it's about
seizing opportunities to create value and
working with our business teams to set and
deliver aggressive targets.
For Financial management One need:
Sound business awareness; the drive to ensure we get value
for money, hit our financial targets and increase our
profitability; a talent for seeing both detail and the bigger
Apro-active approach to improving the business and the
communication skills to win support for your ideas.
The personal commitment to obtain a professional accounting
qualification, if required, alongside your initial development

Career in IT
A career in IT at UBL gives you the
opportunity to improve the way we do
For informationtechnology you need
The tenacity to use technology to create business change.
Excellent communication, interpersonal and influencing
A highly logical approach to problem solving.
The ability to understand technology and discuss IT with nontechnical colleagues.

Career in Customer
The Customer Development team is
responsible for the overall sales and
distribution of our brands across the country.
They are the bridge between the Brands &
Development team and the Consumers.
For customer development one needs:
Great passion to achieve targets.
Very strong people management skills, good analytical ability.
Strong customer orientation and the ability to develop action plans
that can meet both the needs of our customers and the business.
Real enthusiasm and the pace for competitiveness at retail.
Practical creativity that focuses on results.
Realdrive to lead a team.
Willingness to work anywhere in Bangladesh.

Unilever Operations in Bangladesh
provide employment to over 10,000
people directly and through its dedicated
suppliers, distributors and service
99.5% of UBL employees are locals and
we have equal number of Bangladeshis
working abroad in other Unilever
companies as expatriates. Unilever
wants to attract the best graduates to
join in their leadership actions

The Unilever Offers

Competitive Salary
Performance Related
Share Scheme
25 days Annual Leave
Flexible Working
Discount Staff Shop
Staff Insurance
Free Gym access

Who are HR?

Unilever core mission is to ensure
the right people, in the right place at the right
Depending on skill sets and experiences, Unilever
develops careers across two main paths:
As HR Business Partners supporting a local
Business unit or group in core areas of talent
management, leadership development,
organisational design and change
As Managers within the HR expertise teams
(talent, learning and reward) defining global
HR policies and processes.

Recruitment Process
o Recruiting is the process of finding &
attracting capable applicants for
o The process begins when new recruits
are required & ends when their
applications are submitted.
o The result is a pool of applicants from
which new employees are selected.

Unilever Bangladesh Wanted?

1. Fresh graduates as knowledge worker
2. Specialist experienced people for
special purpose
3. People for Skilled and labor based

Fresh Graduates As Knowledge

1. Personnel planning and vacancy
2. Nature of Application form
3. Recruiters qualification
4. Channels of recruitment
5. Recruitment- Constraints and challenges

Recruitment Channel
1. Internal recruitment channel
2. External recruitment channel
1. Walks-ins and write-ins
2. Employee referrals
3. Advertising
4. Private placement agencies & Professional search
5. Educational institutions & Professional associates
6. International recruitment