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Embedded MATLAB

Introduction to MATLAB
MATLAB refers to Matrix Laboratory. It is a matrix based,
interactive system on which you can develop an algorithm, design
GUI, or you can do numerical computation or visualize and
analyze the data.
MATLAB focuses on the rapid development and easiness to use. It is
way by which without writing the code you can solve a complex
numerical problem with the help of few built-in tools, the
programming structure is optional.

Introduction to MATLAB
It runs on almost all platforms. You can also purchase and add
various application-specific solutions called toolboxes like
optimisation, image processing, and control methods to your
MATLAB software to increase its functionality.
It is a programming language that uses various specialized data
types like matrices.
You can quickly find out the graphical and numerical answer of
the vector and matrix related numerical problems. You can easily
draw the complicated structures using MATLAB.

5 Modules of MATLAB
The MATLAB API (Application Program Interface)
The MATLAB math function library
Handle Graphics
The MATLAB working environment
The MATLAB language

Embedded MATLAB
Many embedded developers are familiar with the idea-toimplementation gap.
Algorithm developers often create algorithm concepts in MATLAB
due to its language features, extensive function libraries, and
As the design evolves toward embedded implementation, realworld constraints must be incorporated, which typically requires
the user to manually translate MATLAB algorithms into C code.

Embedded MATLAB
Manual translation involves rewriting the convenient MATLAB
syntax for matrices into C implementations.
The end result is multiple copies of the same algorithm written in
different languages.
At this stage, the user faces the burden of verifying that these
copies remain equivalent throughout multiple design iterations.
In this workflow the cost of verifying revisions quickly becomes
prohibitive, resulting in a design that either solidifies too quickly
or simply diverges from the original specification.

New Tools Introduced

Recently The MathWorks, creator of MATLAB, introduced new tools that
directly address this issue.
These tools can automatically convert a well-defined subset of MATLAB
language, called Embedded MATLAB, into embeddable C code.
This technology can reduce the development and verification cost of
manual translation from MATLAB to C.
The Embedded MATLAB language subset supports more than 270 MATLAB
operators and functions and 90 Fixed-Point Toolbox functions.

Working within Embedded MATLAB

Working within the Embedded MATLAB subset, you can maintain one
copy of the designone truthand elaborate it directly within
MATLAB to incorporate embedded implementation requirements.
Design iterations become easier because the Embedded MATLAB
algorithm is still MATLAB code, and you retain the interactive
debugging and visualization capabilities in MATLAB.
This approach provides the algorithm domain expert and the
embedded software engineer a common language and shared
understanding of the design intent.

We first reviewed features of MATLAB that are useful at the early stages of
the design process.
We then examine the inefficiencies associated with manually translating
MATLAB concept code into C code for implementation.
We then present an alternative workflow, where all the embedded
elaborations to the algorithm are done in MATLAB instead of C.
Using an example, we highlight the steps necessary to make an algorithm
compliant with the Embedded MATLAB subset and show the use of new tools
that automatically translate an Embedded MATLAB code into embeddable C

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Why E2MATRIX for MATLAB Training?

Experienced and Motivating Faculty.
Flexible Timings for working Individuals.
International Standard Course Structure.
100% Placement Support.
Closer to Bus and Rail Transportation.

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