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Zaha Hadid

Sumedh Kulkarni (20)

Mehul Khairnar (19)

Zaha Hadid
Her buildings are distinctively
neofuturistic, characterized by the
powerful, curving forms of her
elongated structures with Multiple
perspectivepoints andfragmented
Geometryto evoke the chaos of
modern life

Heydar Aliyev Center

TheHeydar Aliyev Centeris a
619,000-square-foot building
complex inBaku,
Azerbaijandesigned by Iraqi-British
architectZaha Hadidand noted for
its distinctive architecture and
flowing, curved style that eschews
sharp angles.

Jesolo Magica
A Catalyst for reinvention-a fluid but
coherent field of buildings-each
separate but each logically
connected in a continually changing

Bridge Pavilion
It is an innovative 280-metre-long
(919 ft) covered bridge that imitates
agladiolaover the riverEbro,
connecting the neighborhood of La
Almozara with the exposition site,
and thus becoming its main
entrance. The new bridge is, at the
same time, a multi-level exhibition
area; 10,000 visitors per hour are
expected to frequent the Pavilion of

London Aquatics Centre

TheLondon Aquatics Centreis an indoor
facility with two 50-metre (160foot)Swimming poolsand a 25-metre (82foot)divingpool Queen Elizabeth Diving
ParkatStartford, London, it was one of the
main venues of the2013 Summer Olympics.
The centre was used for
diving events. After significant modification
the centre opened to the public in March

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