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Part 4: Marketing system audit

Marketing information system

Accuracy, sufficiency and timeliness of marketing
intelligence system about development in the
Adequacy of marketing research usage by
company decision makers.
Marketing planning system
Conception and effectiveness of marketing
planning system
Soundness of marketing potential and sales
forecasting measurements.
Soundness of setting sales targets.

Marketing control system

Adequacy and timeliness of control procedures, to
ensure that the annual plan objectives are being
Provision to analyse periodically of different products,
markets, territories, and distribution channels.
Provision to periodically analyse and validate various
marketing costs.
New product development
Appropriateness of companys arrangement to
gather, generate and screen new product ideas.
Whether the company carries out sufficient product
and market testing before introducing a new product.


of companys
concept research and business
analysis before committing large
sums of money in new ideas.

Part 5: Marketing productivity

Profitability audit
Profitability level of the companys different
products, served market segments,
territories, and distribution channels.
Whether the company should enter, expand,
contact, or completely withdraw from any
business segments, and the short term and
long term consequences on profitability.
Analysis of cost effectiveness
Level of different marketing activities costs,
and their validity.

Part 6: Marketing
functions audit

The product line objectives , their
correctness, and the level of achievement
ob objectives.
Need to phase out any particular products
Any new products worth being added.
Any products that can benefit from quality,
feature, or style improvements.
The pricing objective, policies, strategies,
and procedures. Soundness of the prices set
on cost, demand, and competitive analysis..


customers perceptions of the

appropriateness of companys prices with respect
to perceived product value.
Effectiveness of the company use price deals.
Soundness of the companys distribution
objectives and strategies.
Appropriateness of market coverage and service.
Degree of effectiveness of companys
distributors, company sales reps, brokers, agents
Need to change the companys present
distribution channels.

Advertising, sales promotion, and publicity

Appropriateness of the advertising
Appropriateness of the allocation of funds
to advertising and budget determination.
Effectiveness of the ad themes and copy.
What do the customers and public think
about the advertising?
Appropriateness of the selection of ad
media and its effectiveness.
Adequacy of the internal advertising staff

Sales force
The companys sales force objectives.
Adequacy of the sales force to achieve the
set objectives.
Appropriateness of the sales compensation
to provide enough benefits and rewards.
The level of sales force morale, ability, and
Competence of the companys sales force
compared with those of competitors.