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Prepare and Clear the bar area Prepare

and serve cocktails

Prepare and serve cocktails

The origin of cocktail is obscure but we do know that it was
made popular in America during the Cocktail Age between
1920 1935 despite prohibition.
The success of the cocktail spread to the great hotels of
The cocktailers christened them with names that have
become classics:
Sidecar, Harvey Wall banger, Brandy Alexander, Muddy
Can you name some more cocktails?

Prepare and serve cocktails

Cocktails and their service are a specialised part of the

catering industry. The staff must be cheerful, helpful, polite
and communicative.
A cocktail is a drink consisting of two or more ingredients.
They should be flavoursome, cold, spirit and well blended
together that not one ingredient overshadows another.

Prepare and serve cocktails

Equipment, Measures and Garnishes

It is an essential part of the cocktailers mise-en-place to
ensure glasses are clean, free from marks and dust, free from
cracks and chips and highly polished.
Glasses vary in size and shape according to the choice of
The four main parts of a glass are:
Rim, bowl, stem, foot

Prepare and serve cocktails









Prepare and serve cocktails





Prepare and serve cocktails

Measurements for recipes

Oz = 1 ounce=30ml
Tbsp. = tablespoon=1/2 oz = 15ml
Tsp.=teaspoon=1/6oz = 5ml
Dash = 1/6 teaspoon = 1 ml

Prepare and serve cocktails

Essential equipment and Technical bar terms:
stainless steel thimble for measuring liquids. Sizes vary from 5 175ml.

Boston Shaker:

Consists of two cones which overlap when fitted together, used for mixing
cocktails in.

Hawthorne strainer:

It is plated silver or stainless steel with a flat base with holes and has an
edge of rolled wire to prevent spillage. Used for straining ice and fruit from
the Boston shaker

Prepare and serve cocktails

Muddler/ long handled spoon:

used to stir cocktails, the flat end or
muddler if for crushing fruit.

A blender is a means of blending ice and fruit with other
ingredients to produce smooth creamy textures.
Waiters friend:
Used for cutting foil from wine bottles, opening wine bottles and
beer bottles

Prepare and serve cocktails

mainly used for whipping up egg white to use in cocktail's
used for peeling the zest from citrus fruits. The small sharp
holes on the end of the tool can be used to make shavings and
the larger tooth to make thin strips for fancy garnishes.
used for handling garnishes, fruit and ice

Prepare and serve cocktails

Gas torch:

to be used to caramelise fruit garnishes


Cut the fruit in half across the equator, then press down and
turn the fruit and the juice will be extracted.

Quickly and effectively at juicing citrus fruits

Prepare and serve cocktails

Cocktail Stick
A small pointed stick made of plastic or wood and used for putting fruit on
which are placed in a cocktail
Chilling and Frosting Glasses
The simplest way to chill a glass is to place it in the refrigerator for 30
minutes or freezer for 5 minutes
To sugar frost a glass, chill it , then rub the inside and top rim with a strip of
lime or lemon peel. Dip the moistened rim into a bowl of caster sugar,
pause, lift the glass out and tap it. (This method is also used with salt for a
drink such as a margarita)
Fruit Juices and Peels
Use fresh fruit for drinks when possible. When cutting lemon or lime peel
never include the white membrane of rind: shave off only the coloured
surface peel or zest
Always have fresh ice

Prepare and serve cocktails

Cocktail Methodology
All cocktails require a method of preparation and all bartenders
should know the basics of building, stirring, muddling, shake
and strain when it comes to preparing cocktails.
This is the most basic method when preparing the drinks.
Add the ingredients to a ice-filled glass (usually cheapest
ingredients first) then stir thoroughly and garnish.
A cocktail which usually contains spirits or a spirit and a mixer
shake and strain
shake and strain

Prepare and serve cocktails

To ensure all the ingredients are crushed properly.
Add the ingredients to the blender with some crushed ice (regular
ice can damage the blades) then whiz until completely blended.
This is used to form layers in a drink. (Pour each liquid carefully
into the glass layering is affected by the alcohol and sugar content
so the higher the alcohol content the lighter the liquid the higher it
will float. )
Add the ingredients to your cocktail shaker (or jam jar) with cubed
ice and shake briskly for about 10 seconds. Strain and pour into a
glass leaving the ice in the shaker. This is important for chilling and
diluting the drink to the right proportion, plus a fun way to

Prepare and serve cocktails

"mock" tails
Non Alcoholic Drinks either known as Mock tails or Virgin
drinks made up of one or more kinds of beverages such as
fruit juices or mixers. It is usually shaken or stirred before
serving and garnished.
The option of having a non-alcoholic mixed drink may be
appealing to those who do not like the taste of alcohol or
pregnant women and children.
These "mock" tails can be created from virtually any cocktail
recipe by omitting the alcohol, which effectively lowers the
caloric content.

Prepare and serve cocktails

Examples of Mock tails
Bucks Fizz
Chilled sparkling white grape juice fresh orange juice spring of
mint and strawberry to garnish

Mojito Mock tail

Soda, fresh mint springs, sugar, angostura bitters, lemon juice

Pina Colada
Coconut milk, ice and crushed pineapple into a blender

Prepare and serve cocktails

Sugar Syrup
This is something that professional bartenders and
mixologists often buy ready made at specialist trade outlets.
You can also make your own following this basic recipe
1.Put 4 tablespoons of water plus 4 tablespoons of caster
sugar into a small saucepan and stir over a low heat until the
sugar has dissolved.
2.Bring to the boil, then continue to boil without stirring, for 12 minutes.
3.Cool then refrigerate in a covered container and keep for no
longer than 2 weeks.

Prepare and serve cocktails

Remember the following!

Always measure the correct amount of ingredients to ensure
the balance of the blend and taste.
Never overfill the cocktail shaker or mixing glass.
Always place ice in the shaker or mixing glass first.
Serve cocktails in a chilled glass.
Do not overfill glasses.
Add the garnish after pouring the cocktail.

Prepare and serve cocktails

Always make sure at the end of your shift the bar area is left
Well stocked
Ready for the next service