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DNB Bankas in Lithuania

1924 The start of the banks history -ems bankawas established

1993 The bank reconstituted asLietuvos ems kio bankas

2002 GermanysNORD/LBbecomesthe strategic investor of the bank

2006 The bank becomes a member ofDNB NORDfinancial services group

jointlyowned by Norways DnB NOR Bank ASA and Germanys NORD/LB

DNB NOR Bank ASA becomes the sole shareholder of the bank

All banks that are part of Norways largest financial services group world
widestart operating under the same DNB name sending a clear signal to the
market one brand, one strategy.

DNB Bankas in Lithuania

Is ranked among the countrys top quality financial service providers

provides comprehensive range of financial services to more than 800

thousand individual and businesscustomers

is one of the leadingparticipants in the countrys debt securities


provides investment and private banking services

serves its customers in Lithuanias second largest branch network

country wide

serves its customers in the countrys biggest common 541 ATM

network of DNB and SEB banks.

is available to its customers via contact centre with long operating

hours, on Facebook and smartphones.


DNB Bank - the sponsor of the Lithuanian National Mens

Basketball Team for 10 years - is proud of a ticket won by the
playersand wishes them good luck in London 2012 Olympics!

Norway's leading financial services group

Norway's largest Internet bank with more than 1.8 million users

Norway's largest asset managemant company with

approximately 492 thousand mutual fund customers

Norway's leading foreign exchange bank

Norway's largest investment bank

Norway's leading real estate broker

and the most international

partner for Norwegian companies abroad and for large

international companies in Norway

one of the world's leading shipping bank

major international market with in energy finance

provides comprehensive range of financial services to individual

and corporate customers in 19countries world-wide.

AB DNB Bankas is a financial guide to the customers: offering

possible solutions by providing comprehensive consulting thereby
helping to choose the most suitable one. If you are motivated,
qualified and able to hear the customers' needs, join our team of
financial guides!


Bjrnar Lund:

Chairman of the Management Board and President

Bjrnar Lund (born 1963) is the banks Chief Executive Officer. He is

in charge of the bank's administration - implementation of its
objectives and corporate banking.

Bjrnar Lund worked in Norways DNB since 1987.

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