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Purchasing Portal

Developed in Oracle ADF

Presented By: Siva Puthurkattil
(Oracle Database Administrator)

Purchasing Portal
Lake County, Illinois
Located in northeastern Illinois, bordered by Lake Michigan,
Wisconsin, and the greater Chicago area.
One of the fastest-growing counties in Illinois and in the
nation, with 713,000+ people.
Promoting a sustainable environment is a strategic goal for
the Lake County Board.

Integrate and optimize the purchasing business

processes in Lake County by providing a unified webbased application.

Purchasing Portal

Purpose deliver a solution that meets the major business

needs of the purchasing domain.
Currently these are scattered around in EBS and the custom application
- Bid Interface.
Bid Interface (written in ASP)- Allows vendors to register with the Lake
County for various service areas.
Whenever there is a bid published on the Lake County website, the
registered vendors would get an automatic notification about the
Vendors need to register in order to download the Bid documents.
Leveraging EBS SDK for Role/Responsibility based security solution for
the purchasing portal.
Unified reporting solution.

Purchasing Portal
EBS Environment
Oracle R12.1.3 (Oracle Financials, HR & Payroll),
Oracle DB 11g, RHEL 5.7 on VMWare ESX 5
JDeveloper, WebLogic 10.3.6, Oracle EBusiness Suite SDK for Java.
EBS - UMX Roles to Responsibilities Mapping:
UMX|BOSS_BID_ADMIN -> Purchasing Super User

Purchasing Portal
Login Page

Purchasing Portal

Reports Tab
Users need BOSS Inquiry Responsibility

Purchasing Portal

Administration Tab
Users need Purchasing Super User Responsibility.

Purchasing Portal
EBS Security
User who doesnt have the access to the Reports Tab.


Purchasing Portal
Legacy application drawbacks.
Information retrieval was cumbersome for
users as it is from multiple application sources.
Multiple applications with its own access
credentials made application access tiring to
user community .
Everybody had access to every screen.
No role based access.

Purchasing Portal
Benefits of the new portal with ADF and EBS SDK
Unified web application interface to support the
purchasing functionality.
Leveraging EBS credentials, users need not remember
additional passwords.
Admin tasks of role based access controls are hassle
Ability to show a map of geographical distribution of
the Lake county vendor base in the new system.

Purchasing Portal
Phase 1 Status: Live
Went live in Aug 2012.

Page not authorized message due to deployment issues.
System-jazn.xml was not updated with the Resource grants
after deployment.
Solution: Check the resource permissions in application
policies from EM.
Navigation in EM Application ->Security -> Policies

Mapping UMX roles to Responsibilities.


Purchasing Portal
Next Phase
Phase 2 of the project would replace all the legacy and
custom applications with the unified web-based
purchasing portal and make it available to the public.

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