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Conversion of Solar Energy

into Electrical Energy using

Solar Pond System

Presented by:
Sworaj Mohanty
Electrical A
Regd. No. 1141013061

Solar energy is the best and unending source of
alternative energy available to us.
However, solar energy is the least harnessed
among all other energy sources/options
Solar energy can be efficiently converted into
electrical energy for household/common usage
by means of certain devices.
Solar pond is one of the media that efficiently
helps out in the conversion process.

Solar Pond- The Energy

Solar Pond is one of the media used to
facilitate the conversion of solar energy into
electrical energy.
A solar pond is a pool of saltwater with
varying salinity at different levels.
A solar pond usually is divided into three
More heat is absorbed in successive layers
due to salinity gradient, namely halocline.

Halocline is the vertical salinity gradient of
a body of saline water.
Increase in salt concentration increases the
density, differentiates water from other
layers, thereby increasing its optical
Increase in optical absorption leads to more
heat being trapped, which is converted to
electrical energy using Stirling Engine.

Mechanism of Solar Pond

Solar Pond is an artificial saline waterbody
that is used to trap more and more heat
produced by the Sun.
Solar pond consists of three succeeding
layers, each having more salt concentration
than the previous one.
Increase in 1 kg salt concentration per layer
increases density by 0.7 kg/m3.
The layer at the bottom absorbs the most
heat, which is then converted into

Mechanism of Solar Pond

Application of Solar Ponds


Power Generation

Working of Stirling Engine

Working of Stirling Engine

Accumulating salt crystals can be used to
cover up the maintenance expenses, and be
used as a valuable byproduct.
No need of separate collector for thermal
storage system.
Usage of solar power makes this process a
never ending one, and the source is nonpolluting.


Evaporated surface water needs to be

constantly replenished.

Accumulating salt crystals have to be

removed, making maintenance a bit tedious.

Might require very large areas for large

scale power production units.

With the increase in global energy crisis,
energy concerns have been escalating
rapidly. To counter the effects of energy crisis,
solar pond is an effective solution. An
unending solution like solar pond is even
better, and would prove to be quite worthy in
the times to come!