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Introduction ..

goes up, it is becoming more complex.

Data should be stored in safer places, and
can be retrieved easily and fast when
someone claims it. Administrators task has
become more complex, displaying efforts
that can satisfy the increasing number of
students to gratify fulfillment.
Schools, like any other organization used
to manage all sorts of information and facts
to ensure accomplish in the goals and
objectives of each. The rising number of
students needs an accurate distribution of
data and reliable information to strengthen
the student information system.

Background of
the Study ...

Based on the observations that the

proponents conducted, the researchers
found out that on the manual system that
the school is presently using, information
and records are not kept accordingly that
causes slow retrieval of important papers
and documents. Additional to that, the
researchers found out that the school is
heavily crowded during enrollment months
(in between May-June).

Framework ..

For inquiry or enrollment.

Submission of record.


For claiming records.

Updating of

Receipt of paid
Accounting office

Payment of account.

Framework ...

The cashier will

give the receipt

Students visit
the LCC



Student proceed
to the cashier for
payment after
claiming COM

The registrar acquires

the information and
validates it for
enrollment approval

of the
Study ...

The study aimed at creating a system

that would provide another option for
enrolling and that would compensate for
the schools lack of manpower and timeconsuming system. The study sought to
develop an web-based enrollment system
that would enable the students, faculty
staff, and administrators of the institution
to gain access to the proposed system
via client computer and to synthesize the
different functions and solutions needed
for the current enrollment system with
the proposed system by constantly

Scope and
Delimitation ..

The Web-based enrollment system is a

portal type that covers the major
processes in the enrollment system,
namely information for the new
students, transferees and shifters and
enrollment of old students through
the use of internet. File maintenance
such as list of enrolled students in a
specific department, and generations
of reports. The proposed system
caters to previous students who will
enroll and the information for the
incoming students, the shifters and
the transferees through internet.


Methods of research used


Method. This method systematically describes present

conditions, events, and systems based on impressions or reactions of
respondents in order to collect data for the analysis of certain aspects.
With the use of a checklist, the proponents evaluated the system to
know the reaction of the respondents if the existing system meets the
users demand.
Descriptive Job/ Activity Analysis. This method is defined as a
systematic, to put forth effort in analyzing and interpreting the
present status of the system. It is designed to gather information
about the present existing condition.
The proponents used questionnaires and gathered data and
information in the form of an informal interview to know the
weaknesses of the existing system to eliminate or strengthen these
Creative Method. The researchers used their own style of creativity in
designing and developing the proposed system with specific features
to satisfy the users. It may have its origin in a feeling of need for life
experiences above and beyond those of the ordinary personal or group
satisfaction. It may crystallize in a specific problem, which may be
treated in terms of hypothetical solutions, the getting of worthwhile

Respondents of the study

Students became the main act in
response of our study since the
students are the center of the webbased enrollment system and the will
be future user of our study. We
choose 20 students, 5 new enrollees,
5 transferees, 5 shifters and 5
former students of La Concepcion
College. That we are interviewing to
know their response about webbased enrollment that are proposed.

Preparation of the instrument

Survey form.
questionnaires that are
filled up by the


Person who has

knowledge over the field of the study
is also interviewed for knowledge and
information gathering to know
whether there are some ideas needed
to be develop or what needs to be set
first and then last in accordance of
what field needs to have
improvement based on the research.