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Cash Management

Course Objective
Understand cash management
Understand the benefits of cash
Management module.
Understand Integration of cash
Familiar with cash Management
process in SAP

Course Management Overview

Market Information gathered
Decision made based on Market
Cash position and liquidity helps

SAP Cash Management Overview.

Market Information

Cash Management

Cash Position

Bank Accounts In
Account 1
Account 2

Account n

Payment Transaction
in Transit:


Liquidity Forecast

Investments &

Sub ledgers
-Account Receivable
-Account Payable
-Purchase Orders
-Sales Orders

Benefits of Cash Management

Data Integration within Operating Systems
and Modules like Financials, Logistics and
Supports Electronic Banking Functions for
Online transactions as well as Online bank
Cash Position : Daily bank account Balances
by Value Date.

Benefits of Cash Management

Monitoring Value Dates, Cheques Issued ,
Cheques Deposited , Stale Cheques etc.

Cash Forecast : Expected future movements

of funds Inflow and Outflows on account of
payments / collections made.

Liquidity Forecast : Expected future Inflows /

Outflows from Customers and Vendors,
Planned Data.


Benefits of Cash Management

Cash Concentration : Concentrated
Bank Accounts.

Result Comprehensive Analysis

Of Cash & Liquidity Position
from SAP system.

Benefits - Reports
Account wise movement in bank a/c
can be traced
Cheques issued and collected can be
Cash position report gives the bank
account movement to a specific period
Liquidity forecast report give better
visibility of cash liquidity

SAP Cash Management Cash

Position Report.

Cash Mgmt. - Integration

Cash Management is integrated with
AR Account Receivable
AP Accounts Payable
Anything else

AP information is booked.
AR information is b..
Anything else..
Here just mention only a line about
integ. Like PP-CO,PP-MM

Cash Mgmt. - Integration

Explain here about each integration point
Like PP-CO Product costing is based on
master data of BOM and Master recipe. Matl.
Cost from BOM and conver.cost from master
Like that please mention something.

Cash Mgmt. Master Data

Essential master data are
Bank account data
Cash balance.???
Mention important stuff here

Cash Mgmt. Data Flow

Master data are used as below.
Bank master records the AP and AR
Sales order created AR
Mention important stuff here

Cash Mgmt. SAP Transaction

Important Tcodes in cash management.
FF73 Cash concentration
FF7A Cash position
FF7B Cash Liquidity
Mention important stuff here

You must be familiar with

Cash management concepts
Benefits of cash Management module.
Integration of cash management with
other area in SAP.
Reports in cash management
Transaction codes in cash Management
process in SAP

Thank You