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Teodora Dionisio


Antropology is the science of people

and culture . The word is a
combination of two Greek roots ,
anthrophos , man and logos , an
account or calculation .

Branches of Anthropology
Physical Anthropology studies
people as a biological organism
Cultural Anthropolgy - devoted to
the behavior of people and the
product of behavior , primarily in
group organization of behavior and
the cultural pattern of behavior .

The stream of life is a continuous flow .

Culture and society are not momentary
things . They came from the past , exist
in the present , and continue into the
future . Neither the present nor the
future can be wholly understand
without the knowledge , however faulty
of the past .

Anthropology provides counsellors with
insights into the culture of peoples ,
cultures that in turn provide guidelines
for the behaviors and viewpoints of
their members .

The word sociology is derived from
the Latin word , socius , meaning
associate and the Greek word logus or
science . Hence sociology is the study
of interaction on human behavior . It is
a science of human relation

It is also a combination of a careful

and thorough fact-gathering with a
desire to arrive at a coherent
generalization about significant social
behavior .

Sociology studies social organization , formal or

informal structure of society and its concerns are the
following :
institutions and groups
formation and change
manner of functioning
relation to individuals and to each other
specific institutions such as
o family
o church
o industry
o government

Social control refers to the ways in

which members of the society
influence one another so as to
maintain social order .

Social change Social controls tend

to act against change . Yet all
societies constantly change and
sociologists have various approach to
the study of social change .

Social process - Sociologists have

noted social change occurs in a limited
number of uniform patterns and
various efforts have been made to
describe this patterns called social
process and to use them to interpret
social behavior .

Classification of social processes


Social group People who want to act

together in a similar or concerted way .
The types of group are
Integrated group
Audience or mass

Social problems
the study of social conditions
which cause difficulties for a large
member of persons and which society
is seeking to eliminate has always
formed a central interest .


Rogerian believe that every human ,
including a young child, has the capacity to
become a fully functioning person .
Rogerians also believe that one individual a
parent or a teacher , for example can help
another a child become fully functioning
person by accepting the child and his or her
feelings as real legitimate by communicating
this acceptance to the child .

Sociology focuses on understanding
social rules . The process that connect
and separate people not only as an
individuals but as members of
associations , groups and institutions .
It helps counselors understand human
groups and their influence on human
behavior .