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Philippine Folk DanceMaglalatik

Presented By: Group 5- St. Peter

Table of Contents

Definition of Maglalatik Dance

History of Maglalatik Dance
Parts of Maglalatik Dance
Costume for Maglalatik Dance
Steps for Maglalatik Dance
Sites used

Definition of Maglalatik

The Maglalatik is an indigenous dance from

the Philippines in which coconut shell halves
that are secured onto the dancers' hands and
on vests upon which are hung four or six more
coconut shell halves. The dancers - all male perform the dance by hitting one coconut
shell with the other - sometimes the ones on
the hands, sometimes, the ones on the body,
and sometimes the shells worn by another
performer, all in time to a fast drumbeat.

Like many native Filipino dances, it is

intended to impress the viewer with
the great skill of the dancer, and in
some Filipino Martial Arts (FMA)
circles, it has been noted that the
maglalatik "consists of a trapping and
boxing method hidden in a dance."
The name of the dance comes from
the Filipino word "Latik", which means
"fried coconut milk curd", a coconut
product that is used in Filipino

History of Maglalatik

Maglalatik was
originated from Bian,
Laguna. It is a mocked
dance of the war
between the Christians
and the Muslims over
the Latik.

Parts of Maglalatik

The first two parts of Maglalatik dance

are the Palipasan and the
Baligtaran; it shows the encounter of
the two groups while the last two
parts are the Paseo and the Sayaw
Escaramusa; it shows the
reconciliation of the two fighting
groups. The Muslims won over the
Christians according to the story.


The male dancers dress in trousers

and each have 4, 6, or 10 half empty
coconut shells on their chests, backs,
thighs and hips. They also have two
half empty coconut shells on their
hands and they touch each coconut
shell on their body to create sounds.

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The Muslims wear red trousers while

the Christians wear blue trousers.

Maglalatik in the Modern


Today, the Maglalatik dance is being

presented in some programs
commemorating nationalism. In
Bian, Laguna, in honor of San Isidro
Labrador, the Maglalatik dance is
danced during fiesta.

8-counts jogging to get to place
4 steps forward while pounding chest
4 basic clap cycles in place
4 basic clap cycles to get to two rows
8 quick clap cycles to do the ripple
8 quick clap cycles to circle around

28-counts + 14-counts for first clap
clap after 18-count 3x
Finishing clap
8. 8 high-low clap cycles to move to
9. 8 cycles of 6 hit clapping
10. 16 counts for tricks with clapping
in the background

11. 4 basic to get to two sides

12. 8 quick clap cycles for the battle
13. 4 quick clap cycles to get to end
after last clap POSE

Maglalatik Video

Maglalatik Music

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