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Develop &

Three Key AWS Compete Scenarios

1. Develop
& Test

2. Cloud

3. Datacenter

Extend the development

and testing environment
to leverage on-demand
public cloud resources

Deploy best-in-class
storage, backup, and
disaster recover solution
in private and public
cloud with a single
provider and contract

Extend the datacenter

to leverage Azure
services for workloads
such as SharePoint, SQL
Server and tier 2 & 3

Transform the Datacenter

These scenarios are aligned with the Transform the Datacenter conversation, which is a part of Microsofts Cloud OS vision.
With the Microsoft platform, you can have a Datacenter without boundaries. This means that you can go beyond the resources
you have on-premises and easily access cloud resources when it makes the most sense for your business.
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1 2 3

Microsoft Develop & Test in the Cloud

Enable innovation and speed
time-to-solution with
development and testing in
the cloud

Speed the application

lifecycle with an end-to-end
platform for agile, teambased development
Get Azure credits, discounted
hourly rates, and easy
license portability with MSDN
Use existing development
tools and languages
Access on-premises
resources when needed

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Fast, scalable dev and

test environments





Familiar tools across

on-premises and cloud

Develop & Test Comparison

AWS Claim
What They Say
AWS offers developers a fast,
inexpensive way to set up test
environments in the cloud with tools
like Elastic Beanstalk and Cloud

The Facts
Once in the cloud, AWS locks
customers in by converting VMs into
proprietary AMI format, which makes it
difficult to port VMs back to the onprem environment
Amazon doesnt have any of their own
development tools, instead relying on
3rd-party offerings

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Why Microsoft is the Better Choice

Hybrid flexibility: Microsoft customers have
flexibility to easily move VMs back and forth
between on-premises and Windows Azure.
Automatic geo-replication: Windows Azure
VMs are built on durable Azure Blob storage which
are geo-replicated. EBS requires manual effort to
Familiar tools: With Microsoft, customers can
use familiar development and management tools
such as Visual Studio and System Center
Lower cost availability: EC2 runs on EBS, which
is limited to one availability zone, so customers
have to buy S3 at an additional cost to get
needed reliability and durability. Windows Azure
blob storage includes geo-replication at no
additional cost.

Dev and Test Case Study: Health Insurance Company

Cloud to Reduce Mobile Development Time by Half
Business Challenge
Needed to expose the data in a thirdparty application for mobile access
Wanted to maintain desired security and
privacy controls
The required resources to support these
new apps were already engaged in other
high-priority projects.

Key Benefits

Decrease time-to-market by 50 percent

Low up-front and ongoing costs
Cost-effective scalability
Superior reliability and security
Familiar development environment

With Windows
Azure, we cut the
time and effort
required to deliver
our new Wellmark
Mobile Service in

Brad Hoyt, IT Innovation

Manager Wellmark Blue
Cross and Blue Shield

See complete case study here.

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The AWS Web Insights Tool

Identify AWS EC2 and S3 web presence in your managed
Related Tools
The WIT Tool was introduced in late FY13 as a
way to complement existing field sales and
marketing targeting efforts with competitive
penetration data
Adhoc Search: Capability to look for AWS
presence in any URL
Industry View: Look at AWS presence by
industry and geography

//STBCompete: AWS Compete BOM and Web
Insights Tool
//Azuresales: Azure sales scenarios and BOM
AWS Compete group on Yammer
Shikha Chetal for questions

Download and try out the tool!

Use a variety of views to refine your
competitive efforts
Use SummaryView to look at AWS
Presence by segments/geo
Use AccountList View to get a list of
accounts with AWS presence by
geography, segment, account manager,
Use RecentlyChangedAccounts Report to
get a list of accounts in which AWS
presence has changed
*NEW* Use Adhoc View to search for AWS
presence in any URL
*NEW* Use Industry View to look at AWS
presence by industry

STB Account Grid: Provides licensing,

program, pipeline, usage, and compete
information for account targeting purposes.
AWS presence data is included
Azure-AWS WW Heatmap: Shows AWS
presence and Azure EA and Direct usage data
to better target whitespace. Inspired by the
work done in the US Sub.

Which Tool to Use

BG Leads, IPMs: Be familiar with all three
ATU: Use STB Account Grid
STU, Azure SSPs, App Plat SSPs, DC
SSPs: Start with heatmap and use WIT for
more information

Please download the new version of the Web Insights Tool at //AWS for the latest data and features. The old version will not update with the most
recent data
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