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Chapter 2


A. Purpose of Prayer

from Satan

2)Restoration of a heartistic
relationship with God
3)Accomplishment of the
purpose of the
providence of restoration

B. Guidelines for Prayer

1) Pray to God
2) Pray according to Gods Will
not according to self-centered desire.
3) Pray in the name of True Parents.
Amen. --- Let it truly be so as prayed.
Father directed, on September 14, 1999, that
members of the central Blessed families
should pray in their own names.

4) A general outline of the order of prayer

call and greeting to God
gratitude and admiration
confession of sin and repentance
(pray for Gods action and intervention)
desire and determination
comfort and reassurance (to God)
In the name of True Parents
(or individual names of the central Blessed family),
The order of prayer is not as important as
to pray deeply with tears from the bottom
of our heart.

C. Practice of Prayer
1) Preparation for a sincere prayer
- sing Holy Songs
- read Fathers words
- live for the sake of others, etc.

2) Humility
begin from repentance, not pride
Prayer is a conversation between God, the
wounded parent, and I, a sinful child
start from repentance of sin.
Have a profound awareness of our position
as fallen Adam or Eve.

3) Pray based on Gods Word.

Fathers words:
The way to pray is to:
a)Make Gods Heart of restoration of 6,000 years
your own.
b)Understand Jesus indescribable heart.
c) Console Father, who fully embraced Gods Will
and has walked a painful course to achieve it.
d)Understand the hardships of family members
who are struggling for Gods Will.
e)Pray as an offering, centering upon your
reflection and pledge.
In summary, pray meditating upon Gods Will and
Heart through His Word.

4) Pray with faith, believing in the victory.

Grasp the victory during your prayer,
cultivating determination.
Heb 11:1
Now faith is the assurance of things hoped
for, the conviction of things not seen.

5) Prayer should be rooted in true love and

accompanied by tears.
6) Pray constantly.
Live a life of prayer, not only in the prayer room,
but even while eating and walking.
Pray 24 hours.
7) Prayer is the fight to separate from Satan and
return to God.
Overcome Satans temptation to stop praying
pray loudly, overwhelming the spirit world.

8) Pray with seriousness and earnesty.

Fathers words:
When you pray, your heart should be as earnest
as a baby crying for his mothers milk.
Prayer is the concentration of our sincerest

9) Prayer centered on report

Father directed, on September 14, 1999, that
from now on prayer must be a report taking
responsibility for results (of mission given),
rather than an earnest request
(such as requesting help for something).

D. Effects of Prayer
In victorious prayer we can:
1) Touch Gods Heart and relate to God and the
spirit world.
2) Relate to the Principle.
3) Mobilize the whole spirit world and physical world.
4) Gain the ability to discern good and evil and gain
future vision.
5) Find the wisdom and power to resolve difficult
and impossible problems.
6) Maximize the power to fight against Satan.
7) Be moved to repentance of sin, and be consoled.

2.2. A life of prayer

You must pray. In deciding the time to pray, you should try praying at daybreak, in the morning, at
lunch, in the evening, and even at eleven or twelve at night. When you lead a life of prayer like
that for many years, you should know which period of time is the best time for you to pray.
Knowing this, you should offer devotion to God at the time that is right for you.
If possible, you should pray with a person who has a high standard of grace. By doing so, you will
receive grace through that person. If your husband has a higher standard of grace than you and if
he leads an exemplary life of faith, you will come to receive grace because of him. After receiving
grace in this way, you will look upon your husband as the most handsome man in the world. In
reverse, if the husband receives grace through his wife, his wife will surely look most beautiful to
him; she will be the most beautiful woman in the world. This is how couples should have been.
Thus, when you are awake, you want to see each other, and whisper to each other throughout
the night. That is not something that brings ruin but rather prosperity. (31 288, 1970.6.4)
How many hours do you spend eating every day? Would it not be almost an hour and a half? You
spend on the average one and a half hours eating. For spiritual work, you must invest much more
than the amount of time you spend on eating. I have come to understand this fact through
numerous years of my life of faith. (70 171, 1974.2.9)
Prayers are always fulfilled. Through prayer we receive energy and are shown the future
prospects of how problems will unfold. You will be taught, In this situation, do things like this, and
in that kind of work, do things like that. You can accomplish great things by knowing this. Only
through prayer can you pioneer that kind of path. You must know that praying is more essential
than eating your meals. (104111, 1979.4.15)

As we realize more and more that the path we must follow is one
requiring a breakthrough, we come to feel somehow that this is
impossible with our own strength alone. Therefore, we must
understand that a person of faith must pray. (71275, 1974.5.5)
Pray. Prayer is your hearts storehouse. If you do not have time, you
should at least pray while doing your work. (27-89, 1969.11.26)
You should pray even while doing your laundry or walking down the
road. You should constantly fill up your storehouse; it should never be
empty. (27-87, 1969.11.26)
Without leading a life of constant prayer, you cannot go the way of
Gods will. Do not think of money in your daily life; you should first
think about Gods will. (27-88, 1969.11.26)
Have you become children of God who can receive His support? If
you wish to maintain this, you should always be with Him and
become someone who allows God to be with you. A puppy that
leaves the bosom of its mother and goes around on its own cannot
enjoy its mothers protection. (100104, 1978.10.8)