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December, 2010

Vmax Indoor vacuum circuit-breakers

for Primary Distribution
Product presentation
1VCP000181 Rev. D, en Presentation 2010.12
ABB Group
August 9, 2015 | Slide 1

Available versions acc. to IEC STDs

ABB Group
August 9, 2015 | Slide 2

Compliance to IEC 62271-100

12 kV 17.5 kV ; 630 1250 A ; 16 31.5 kA

Fixed for freestanding installation

Withdrawable for ABB UniGear ZS1 switchgear (width 550 mm)

Withdrawable for ABB PowerCube module (width 600 mm)

Fixed for ABB UniGear 500R switchgear (width 500 mm)

Available versions acc. to ANSI STDs

ABB Group
August 9, 2015 | Slide 3

Compliance to C37.54 C37.09 C37.04 C37.55

UL listed type L (sticker on request)

15 kV ; 1200 A ; 25 31.5 kA (3 cycles)

Fixed for freestanding installation

Withdrawable for ABB PowerCube module (width 600 mm)

ANSI version versus IEC version:

Shunt tripping releases suitable for 3 cycles interruption

Wiring with UL certified cables (& AWG cross-section)

Nameplate with ANSI parameters

Mechanical indicators according to ANSI STDs (symbol &


Specific Manual Booklet

Open/close aux. contacts
(standard set of ten aux.c.)
Additional opening release
Locking magnet in the actuator
Opening pushbutton
Closing pushbutton
Shunt tripping release
Built-in lever for closing spring
manual charging
Undervoltage release (missing in
the picture)
Shunt closing release
Signalling device for closing
springs charged/discharged
Mechanical operation counter
Geared motor for closing spring


Fields of application

Power distribution

Cable control and protection

Overhead control and protection

Transformation and distribution substations

Motor and transformer control and protection

Generator control and protection

Capacitor bank control and protection


Application where space saving is a premium

Compact dimensions compared to existing VD4

Freestanding vacuum interrupters

Moulded case design


Vacuum interruption technique

Contacts in vacuum protected against oxidation

and contamination

Sealed for life vacuum interrupters

Vacuum interrupters and EL mechanical actuator

already used and tested in new VD4 series

Limited switching energy

10,000 mechanical operations

Stored energy operating mechanism with built-in

anti-pumping device and closing spring charging

Insulating monobloc

Operating mechanism and monobloc fixed to a

sturdy metal frame

Easy customization with a complete range of


Locks to prevent incorrect and hazardous


Standard equipment

Mechanical signalling device for CB open/closed

Mechanical signalling device for closing spring


Opening and closing pushbuttons

Mechanical operation counter

Built-in lever for manually charging of closing spring

Anti-pumping mechanical built-in function

5 + 5 auxiliary contacts

Connection terminals and terminal board for auxiliary circuits (for

fixed CB)

Isolating contacts, cord with connector (plug only), racking-in/out

lever (for withdrawable CB)

Other accessories, on request

Shunt tripping release

Additional shunt tripping release

Shunt closing release

Opening solenoid (for self-supplied overcurrent relay ABB PR family)

Undervoltage release

Electronic time delay (which must be mounted externally in relation to the

circuit breaker) for undervoltage release

Mechanical override for undervoltage release

Opening and closing pushbuttons protection

Opening and closing pushbuttons padlock

Key-lock in open position

5 extra auxiliary contacts

Other accessories, on request

Motorgear for closing spring charging

Signalling contact closing spring charged or signalling contact

closing spring discharged

Locking magnet in the truck to prevent racking-in with auxiliary

circuits disconnected (for withdrawable CB only)

Transmitted contacts in the truck for signalling inserted or

isolated circuit breaker (for withdrawable CB only)

Interlock for fixed circuit breaker which is converted in

withdrawable ones by the customer (to prevent racking-out/in
with the circuit breaker closed and to prevent closing operation
during the translation)

Compared to VD4, Vmax cannot be fitted with:

Transient contact with momentary closing during circuit

breaker opening

Motorized truck

ABB Group
August 9, 2015 | Slide 14