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Notice in Miami Terminal

February 2, 1929
Fokker F-7 at Havana
Boeing 314 at Dinner Key
The cockpit instrument panel of the Boeing 314
circa 1939
Boeing 314 Dixie Clipper
Charles Lindbergh in front of a Sikorsky S-38 prior
to the departure with the first Miami-Belize airmail
May 1, 1930.
Captain Edward Musick and crew arriving in Pearl Harbor from San Francisco on
the first leg of a Transpacific survey flight to Manila November 1935. The aircraft is
NC-823M Pan American Clipper a Sikorsky S-42.
Pan Am Terminal Brownsville Texas
Originally built as the Pan Am terminal in 1931 this building is still in use
Consolidated Commodore NC-669M
Clipper at Dinner Key
Inspecting the Clipper
Arrival of the first commercial transatlantic passenger flight
Boeing 314 NC18605 Dixie Clipper arriving at Lisbon from Port
Washington, NY June 29, 1939
carrying 22 passengers and 12 crew members.
1935 Passenger Schedule of China
National Airlines Corporation
A Pan Am subsidiary
The famous Douglas DC 2 1/2 of China National Aviation Corporation. A
DC-3 belonging to China National Aviation Corporation (CNAC), a Pan Am
subsidiary, was damaged in a Japanese air attack. The aircraft was repaired
using the right wing of a damaged DC-2. The resulting airplane, nicknamed
the DC-2 1/2, was used in the evacuation to Burma.
Sikorsky S40 American Clipper departs Miami Dinner Key
for the inaugural flight to Cristobal, Canal Zone November 19, 1931
Sikorsky S42 Brazilian Clipper arrives in Rio de Janiero
to be christened by the wife of Brazilian President Vargas August 18, 1934
Clipper America, first commercial airliner to serve Operation Deep Freeze, arrives
McMurdo Sound, Antarctica October 15, 1957
Lockheed Constellation Clipper America arriving over San Francisco
completes the first commercial Round-the-World passenger flight June 29, 1947. The
flight, from New York La Guardia to San Francisco International, was completed in
92 hours, 43 minutes over 12 days landing at 17 cities in ten countries on the 20,000
mile trip. Weekly eastbound and westbound schedules were flown thereafter
Boeing 314 Dixie Clipper landing at Lisbon
completes the first transatlantic passenger flight June 29, 1939
Pan American S-38 Clipper arrives over the Canal Zone with the first Airmail
from Miami, Colonel Lindberg commanding, February 6, 1929
Martin M130 Philippine Clipper arriving in Hong Kong to establish the first
commercial air service between North America and Asia October 23, 1936
Routes of the Flying Clippers
Menu for the Shah of Iran
Among the many prominent
people who have traveled on Pan
Am are a number of world and
national leaders
Douglas DC-6B N5121V "Clipper Splendid"
London Heathrow November 1959.

Where I started with Pan Am, May 1962.

Boeing 707 Clipper America N711PA outward bound from Idlewild (now JFK) for
on the first American scheduled transatlantic jet passenger flight October 26,
Clipper Constitution arrives over Tokyo after flying 5478 miles non-stop from Los
Angeles, April 25, 1976
Lockheed L1011-500 Clipper National Eagle arrives in Caracas from New York
on its inaugural flight, May 1, 1980
Three Boeing 747s at Pan Am WorldPort JFK
Boeing 737-200 N387PA "Clipper Tiergarten"
(IGS System)
Boeing 747-121 N750PA "Clipper Neptune's Favorite" at Frankfurt,
Airbus A310-222 N801PA "Clipper Berlin"
Frankfurt May 1986,

My home of 20 years
Airbus A310-222 N803PA "Clipper Munich"
London Heathrow August 1989
Boeing 727-235 N4736 "Clipper Dashaway“ April 1986
IGS System
Douglas DC10-30 N82NA "Clipper Aurora"
Frankfurt c. 1984
Boeing 707-321
Route map from the 1933 timetable
Worldwide routes as of 1985. This route map reflects the integration of National
Airlines and its extensive route structure feeding Miami. The map also reflects the
location of Pan Am's Intercontinental Hotels subsidiary.
My daughter with the Saying goodbye, I have gathered
Intercontinental Hotel doorman enough green stamp, transferred to
The Mechanics Istanbul

Kabul, Afghanistan
Ariana Airlines
a Pan Am Subsidiary

Ariana B-720
Greta, special Pan Am sales rep.

The Mechanics Ariana Maintenance Secretaries

From Left to right, last row.
Natasha Dobriakova, Alla
Ilina, Yevgeny Suknovalov,
Sergei Zybin, Vladimir
Stesenko. Left front,
American Express Rep.

At my desk, at the Leningrad crew

city office

Alla at the sales office

Greta in front of sales office

Leningrad Sales Office

Transferred back to Frankfurt, replaced by Ms. Alisa Kotletsova
Final Pushback of a Pan Am 747 "Clipper Juan T. Trippe"
New York Kennedy Jet Center
Final Pushback of a Pan Am 747 "Clipper Juan T. Trippe"
New York Kennedy Jet Center
Travel Card, entitled to first class
The final route map issued by
Pan Am with the sale of the
European routes the airline
was planned to shrink back to
something like its early
beginnings in Latin America.
This was the planned
structure had Delta followed
through on its promises to the
Pan Am never flew this set of
routes as it never emerged
from bankruptcy and ceased
operations on December 4,
DECEMBER 4, 1991


MAY, 1962 - DECEMBER, 1991