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Dhrashti Trade link Pvt Ltd.

iFIRST-An All in one Advertising Platform

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The Concept
First of its kind concept in the subcontinent and arguably
in the entire world
Watch ads - earn bucks
How do you do that ??
Is there any market need ?

Market Analysis
In India there are 950 million mobile users and among them approx. 170 million
uses smart phone and these numbers are increasing at the rate of approx. 25% per
year. These users frequently suffer from slow and hanging operating systems of
their smart phones, which in turn is attributed to increase in number of apps they
have to download for their daily basic smart phone needs.

Mobile phone Users 950

Smart phone Users 170
Increase rate 25%

The first revolutionary app which would save their much needed
memory by providing utilities of several different apps on one single
No other app provides features of flexi-recharge or online shopping,
without using any debit or credit cards or bank transaction as iFirst
Users have to just view the ads, increase their mobile bucks and use
them for quick recharge or online shopping.

About the Company

Dhrashti Tradelink Pvt Ltd.
A private Ltd. firm registered under company act 1956 in 2010 by
director Mr. Hitesh shah along with Ms Alpa Shah and Mr Malay
Thakar who meticulously spearheaded the company and continue to
operate and help it grow towards launching innovative and functional
products and services.
Business philosophy: To create a symbiotic platform for marketers and
advertisers and end consumers.
Core competencies: Continuous innovation and increasing client
database, concrete back-end support and dedicated servers leading to
100% zero down-time.

More About iFIRST

Ifirst is a unique concept based app letting users earn mobile bucks by
simply viewing advertisements. It is designed and quality controlled
by our in-house adept professionals.
It provides Redeemable virtual money for-mobile and DTH recharge and facilities
for various service providers
E-shopping - popular ecommerce websites
New product awareness
It consists of features like Chat, email and entertainment as well

More About iFIRST

What about advertisers?

Existing platforms for advertisers




Social media


New Era of Advertisement

iFIRST is the 1St app to take advertisement to this level
This is a new platform for advertisers.
You must have seen lot of ads in dating apps,
shopping apps, gaming apps.
iFIRST has come up with an app ONLY for advertisement making it a
NEW PLATFORM altogether taking the ad industry to a new level.

Whats in it for the ad agencies?

A new and unique media platform for promotion of the products
Cost per view concept-every penny spent to be perfectly utilized as well
as tracked
Near 100% viewing ratio
Permission based & categorised advertising to particular target groups
Comparatively low cost media promotion of their products
Different tabs for various products focusing on specific target groups
Individual advertisers are provided a unique login id facilitating direct
upload of ads
Direct access to the end consumers

Features and benefits for advertisers

Unique feature of 100% viewership of the ads given by ad agencies and
hence highest gain as compared to any other media.
HD video quality with CDN/cloud flare streaming technology where
by videos will be distributed to the zonal servers and hence reducing
the load for easy streaming and uninterrupted display of
Product providers can directly upload their Ads irrespective of their
geographic location.
iFirst will be the only and comparatively a very cost effective platform
which would provide accurate end user report to the advertisers or
agencies as compared to the existing platforms.

Features and benefits for advertisers

Filter options to get target audience- gender/age/geography
Initially targeting teenagers, students and young professionals who are
proactive on such portals and are eager to earn quick and easy money
and moving slowly across all age groups.
No specific social class or occupation is targeted for the use of this
All income groups could be prospective users irrespective of Educational
From small scale to large companies which needs to advertise their

Benefits to the end user

Nearly 100% reduction of monthly mobile expense of users by means
of Mobile Bucks.
Ease of recharging mobile phone at any time of emergency by viewing
ads and generating Mobile Bucks.
Earn around INR 3-4k of virtual currency, redeemed for mobile
recharge, e-shopping, DTH and mobile bills.
Facility to redeem Mobile Bucks for shopping from popular eshopping portals.
Ease of using this unique app at own convenient time without
bothering the other daily activities.
No compulsion of sharing, referring or liking the commercials on
social media for earning the Mobile Bucks provided by the app.

B2C Marketing Plan

In the initial stages prior to the launch, one to one marketing
representatives will be trained and sent to malls, markets, universities and
other Wi-Fi enabled public areas. They will explain and assist users to
download the app, show them the utility and benefits and fill up a survey
form by asking few simple questions.

Survey Report
We had conducted an online survey through google and got results as

Survey Report

Road Shows & Events

40 major cities are targeted for Road Shows whereby our executives will
reach each prospective user personally & show them the utility & benefits
of this app.
Success ratio


No. of users

95% as per









online survey
50% Suppose
25% Suppose
10% Suppose

Road Shows & Events

Television Ad
Ads will appear in 5 major channels during prime time with 3 repeats in 2
hour time slot for 10 days
Depending on prime time TRP and above mentioned repetition of ads, we
could reach 1 Cr viewers per day

Considering approx. 0.3% conversion ratio from TV ads, 3,00,000 users

could be secured in 10 days.

Print Media
7 days of cover page advertising in 2 English and 1 regional language
Newspapers in 3 metros and 2 major cities could make us reach at least
2.5 crores readers
Considering approx. 1% conversion ratio, 250,000 users could be
secured in 7 days of vigorous front page advertising.
Hence, if we consider only the third criteria from Tablo marketing
outcomes, total 750,000 users could be secured in above mentioned 10
days marketing plan.

Projected Users
Road Shows &


News Papers


Audio Visual Ads,

Media Coverage
,launch Event and 550000
Mobile Bucks



All legal procedures have been completed.
Copyright, certificate of incorporation, service tax registration and

Pre-launch activity
We will show ads for free for first 3 days.
Advertisers can see how ifirst works and how they can see the reports.
They can view full report of who has viewed their ads.