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Growth of Amway INDIA

• Amway India commenced • Today 2006 – Amway India

commercial operations in is just 8 year
May 1998
• More the 75 products – 8
• 6 Products – 2 Product range different ranges of products
(Home care and Personnel
• 67 offices around the
• 5 offices around the country
• Servicing more then 12000
• Servicing less then 1500 PIN PIN Codes
• 100% Money back
• 70% Money back guarantee guarantee on Products
on Products
• PV/BV products and services
• PV/BV only on products
• Flexi business kit – Make
• Only one FIX business kit your own Pizza
• Carry Voucher Pack worth • Carry Voucher Pack worth
Rs 4400/- Rs 5/-
New Website of Amway India
24x7 Web ordering facility
Truths About Amway
Unique Features of Amway Opportunity
Starting cost is low – 4400/- INR
Zero Risk – 90 days return policy
Join – Activate – Benefits VABO
Operate from Home

Reputation In India - Survey results say – 74% approval from Indian

Retention of people in business

2000 17%
2001 41%
2002 36%
2003 40%
2004 49%
2005 56%
2006 6 0 % ab o ve
Untapped Potential

Global Data for Direct Selling

People in Population in
Country Sales in Crores lacs crores
United States
(U.S.) 136,290.00 133 27.5
Japan 124,740.00 20 12.71
Korea 37,098.00 46 4.69
Brazil 18,110.00 15 16.92
Mexico 15,430.00 18 9.89
UK 13,998.00 5 5.94
Germany 13,213.00 2 8.27
France 7,946.00 1 5.91
India 2,700.00 13 102.7
Health Industry

200000 crores spend in health care along by the year 2012 – Health Ministry

Nutrilite is the most trusted brand in vitamins/ minerals and other dietary
Expected Leadership Growth
Leadership PIN 2006 2012
Diamonds 45 1000
Emerals 200 7500
Platinums 1,600 20000
Harbinger of Direct Selling Growth in India

International Magazine –
recognized Direct Selling Industry
Direct Route To Millions
Direct Selling in India transcends geography,
gender and age as 14 lakh sellers aim for
riches – Cover Story THE WEEK November 12
Direct Selling Association
The Indian Direct Selling Association is an
association of companies engaged in the
business of direct selling in India. Its members
are of high national and international repute
having set standards in delivering quality goods
and in following ethical business practices.
Amway is a Member of IDSA

The Indian Direct Selling Association (IDSA), a self-regulatory and

promoting body for direct selling industry in the country, has set itself
a target of achieving a turnover of Rs 8,000 crore by 2010.
IDSA, comprising 16 companies from the direct selling industry, has
aggregated a turnover of Rs 3,110 crore so far – chennaionline Sept
23rd , 2006
Amway’s Power Brands

“Taking DOUBLE X was the only change I

made to how I had been training," says
Asafa. "After I started taking it, I felt I had
more energy to train harder and run faster…

Amway’s Nutrilite chosen as Asia’s

most trusted brands of 2006. Its
Reader’s Digest Gold Winners as
per survey of 2006

Euromonitor International have

more than 30 years of experience in
publishing market report
NUTRILITE™, the world’s leading
brand of vitamins, minerals and
dietary supplements, based on 2005
Amway’s Power Brands

ex. Ms.Asia Pacific Diya Mirza has been

roped in by Amway India as the brand
ambassador for its new range of cosmetics
07:04:54 PM]

Amsure is a partnership between Amway

India and the Hollard Insurance Group.
Hollard is a global insurance group based
in South Africa, specializing in direct and
multi-channel marketing, known for its
innovation and partnership approach.
Amsure’s product design and service, Max
New York Life Insurance Co. Ltd. has
been chosen to provide specially designed
products to our partnership.
Amway’s Power Brands

ARTISTRY™ Skin Care and Cosmetics, one

of the world’s top five largest-selling
prestige brands of facial skin care and
colour cosmetics (based on a study by
Euromonitor International).
Amway’s Social Responsibility
Amway Opportunity Foundation –
It is a registered non-profit organization registered under
the Societies Act.
Vision: Enable the less privileged child to lead a better life.
Mission: To be the front runner in providing opportunities
for child education & health to attain economic
independence – with special focus on the blind child.
Amway India Growth Facts



Sales in crores


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