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goGo good meal

 FIAT conducted (3) three focus groups,
• 1.) Southern Connecticut
• 2.) Cleavland, Ohio
• 3.) Southern Florida
 The targeted price point was $3.00
 FIAT model for volume projection is based on a similar
product consumer market launched on a local Manhattan
NY radio ad. The volume exceeded the initial projection.
 The acquisition price for FIAT to meet business forecast
price points is .99 landed.
 Retort filling will maximize a self life of 24 months and
food stability the pouch will be a tear off top.
Business Plan Outline
• market data/annual volume expectations for the project
• launch company
• building a financial model for the project
• manufacturing company
• market research capabilities
• research the market for the types of product
• evaluate the priority
• allocate resources
• potential size of the project
• financial payback to the company
Company Launch
• Omelet 1st production run March 1st 2010
• Web Site Sales
• Radio WOR direct 1-800 sales and WEB
• You Tube FIAT Cooking Classes
• Infomercials November 2010
• Health Markets i.e trader joe’s, wholefoods
• Institutional sale: elderly care, community action agencies,
government health services and school lunch programs
• Transportation & airport venues
• Nation building (Africa)
• Vending machines

Market Research
• FIAT conducted focus groups; In each focus
group, participants ranged in age and attendees.
The medium age is 36.7 and the medium group
size is 17 attendees.
• Target of research;
• taste,
• price,
• need,
• food type,
• packaging
• and deliverability
• The current FIAT Omelet is the result of FIAT’s research
Market data
per flavor
per quarter

• annual volume



Rice& Beans
100 Fusion Soup


1st Qtr 2nd Qtr 3rd Qtr 4th Qtr
Annual Volume

• Minimum order of 60,000 units

• Order tri annually
• End of the year Holiday minimum order
• 60,000 X 4 orders = 240,000 units
Financial Model

• UBS Financial disclosure

• Restricted CEO Authorization only
• $50,000 dollar initial offering
• Investor match raised capital
• $100,000 dollars in Company assets
Manufacturing Company
• USA manufacturing company
• Receive pouch from Packaging Co.
• Receive products for cooking
• Mix per formula
• Fill pouch
• Pack and Send to Fulfillment center
Product comparison
• Unique type
• Novelty
• Prepared Slow Food
• High demand Meal
• Eliminates Time
• No other competition delivering product
FIAT the priority
• Our Company should be your Company's
• As FIAT hosts Eggs it will meet a demand
that is not currently being filled. FIAT
conducted focus groups tested; taste,
need, food type, packaging and
deliverability The current FIAT Omelet is
the result of FIAT's research study.
• FIAT is a registered Connecticut LLC, DBA as
Food In A Tube
• FIAT is in application for a Trademark
• Investors; FIAT issues company shares
• FIAT has currently limited shares available
• FIATS BOD includes; Rick Seres, Naturopathic
MD, Vincent LoRicco, Chiropractor, Steven
Gamberdella, Marketing Specialist, Sales
analyst, Matthew Golden, Insurer, Ed Flanagan,
CPA, Kim Izzo, Attorney Fredrick Trotta,
Individuals, Joseph Gloria, Matthew Cowan
Potential size

• FIAT will be a Household name

transforming the slow/fast prepared food
• Age Toddler to Elder care
• College and office vending machines
• Limitless………
Financial payback
• Investors dividends are distributed by time in of
purchased share
• A 5 year projection raised capital to cover
FIAT’S expense through the issuance of
Company shares
• FIAT goal is to reinvest in expansion to
manufacture additional flavors
• Each tri annual order will add a new menu item
• National Radio Coverage will expand sales by
the end of the forth quarter.
Pouch design
Innovative Egg shape
Back nutrition & mission
Pouch design
Veggie Cheese Omelet

• Brown cage free eggs, omega 6, cheddar cheese, peppers, olive oil, soy butter

• Iodized Sea Salt, cream tartar

• Calories 146 Calories from Fat 25
• Nutrition Facts serving size 8oz.(34g.)Serving per
• Tube. Sat fat 0g.Trans Fat 0g.Cholest
• 0mg.Sodium 4mg. (0%DV) Total
• Carb23g. (8%DV)Dietary Fiber
• 2.6g. (11%DV) Sugars 1g.Protein 4g.
• Vitamin A 0, Vitamin C 10%, Calcium 2%,
• Iron 8% Percent of Daily Values (DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
• Veggie/Cheese Omelet
• 1 Whole Egg /1 Egg White
• 3/4 tbsp. Soy Butter
• 1/2tbsp Cheddar Cheese
• 1tsp. Bell & 1tsp. Red Pepper
• 1/2tsp Cream Tartar
• Kosher Sea Salt with Iodine and Black Pepper.
Who is FIAT’S Customer?
• Will you join us..
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