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Improved wood

Course Teacher By
Dr.M.Murugesh Ph.D A.Maheshwaran
Assistant Professor BSF-04-012
Improved wood
(Modified wood)

• Specially treated – to reduce/retard

working/to increase strength
• Not applicable to timber treated with
preservatives/orthodox finishes
• Modifying properties of wood of
Hygroscopicity, working, density &
strength, etc.
• Impregnated wood
• Heat stabilized wood
• Compressed wood
• Compregnated wood
• Chemically modified wood
Impregnated wood
• Collective name for wood impregnated with
all possible impregnants
• Improving dimensional stability &
preventing water absorption
• Impregnants commercially applied are
water water-soluble, thermosetting, phenol-
formaldehyde resin-forming systems
• Veneers treated with a thermosetting, fibre
-penetrating resin that is cured without
compression, and then bonded together are
known as Impreg
• veneers soaked in aqueous resin-forming
• impregnated with the resin by vacuum-
impregnation, with/without subsequent
pressure, resin-content equal to 20 to 25%
• non-drying conditions for a day or two
• To permit the uniform distribution of the
solution throughout the wood
• Air dried, assembled & pressed
• drying of the resin-treated wood also brings
about checking & honey combing
• treatments - confined to veneers
• limited to small valuable specialties such as
sports goods, shoe-lasts.
Effects of Resin Treatment
• hygroscopicity & swelling & shrinking - reduced
• grain-raising and surface checking also reduced
• resistant to decay & termite & borer attack
• Electrical resistance & also resistance to most
chemicals excepting alkalis - increased.
• Compression strength, hardness, & density –
• tensile strength and impact strength are reduced.
FRI Investigations
• The strength properties of inferior Indian
wood can be improved by treatment with
• Veneers are most profitable than solid
Compressed wood
Compressed wood
• Considerable improvement in the prooerties
can be obtained
• Compression across fibre increases the
specific gravity of wood – increases
strength properties
• Pressure – 90-140 kg/ => materials of
s.gravity 1.2-1.3 obtained
• Either from solid wood/laminated wood
• Lignostone – compressing Beech (Fagus spp.)
from both sides across the grain simultaneously
• Door handles, bearings, rollers, snowshoes,
• Liognofol
• Good strength properties
• High resistance to wear
• Smooth
• Good elastic properties
FRI Investigations
• Inferior spp – Moringa oleiera – improved
by compression
• Best results by compressing at 14% MC &
• Holoptelia integrifolia – similar to