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By: Jose Mercado, Bre Campbell,

Graciela Romero
Scene 1 A public place
 Scene 2: "Lady Capulet: He is a kinsman
to the Montague; Affection makes him
false, he speaks Not True.”
Scene 2 Capulet’s orchard
 Scene 2: "Juliet: "Come gentle night;
come, loving, black-browed night; Give
me my Romeo; and, when he shall die,
Take and and cut him out in little stars,
and he will make the face of heaven so
fine that all the world will be in love
with night"
Scene 3 Friar Laurence’s
 Scene 3: "Frair Laurence: Romeo, come
forth; come forth, thou fearful man.
Affliction is enamored of thy parts, and
thou art wedded to calamity."
Scene 4 Capulet’s house
 Scene 4: 'Paris: These times of woe afford
no time to woo. Madam, good night.
Commend me to your daughter."
Scene 5 Capulet’s orchard
 scene 5: "Juliet: Art thou gone so, my
lord, my love, my friend? I must hear
from thee every day in the hour, for in
a minute there are many days. O, by
this count I shall be much in years Ere I
again behold my Romeo!"

Scene 1:In this Mercutio and benvolio are

talking about the hot day and how people get
angry very quickly in this heat. And then
Tibalt enters the room and rudely addresses
them. Mercutio and Tybalt are about to fight
when Romeo walks in. Romeo ends up
fighting, and Mercutio ends up dying. scene
Scene 2.Juliet is waiting for the night to come

when Romeo and Juliet will consummate their

marrage. But the nurse brings sad news to
Juliet about Tybalts death and Romeo’s
banishment. Juliet sends the nurse to go see
Romeo and give him a ring as a token of her
love for him.

Scene 3:Romeo is at Friar’s cell awating his punishment.
The nurse comes to see him and gives Romeo the ring
which brings Romeos confidence back up. The nurse
also tells Romeo that Juliet is very sad because this
might ruin their chance to get married. Romeo will go
see Juliet that night to say farewell and then go to
Mantua until it is safe for him to return to Verona.  The
lovers can then be safely reunited.
Scene 4:Paris goes to Juliet’s house to try and talk to her

about marriage. Juliet would not come out of her room

and talk to anyone because of her uncle Tybalt’sdeath.
Capulet starts telling Paris that it is not a good time to
talk about marriage to his daughter because she is
morning of her uncles death, and so is he. Lady
Capulet steps in and says she will talk to Juliet about
Paris marring Juliet in the morning. Then Capulet says
he will make Juliet marry Paris.
Scene 5:Romeo and Juliet spent the night

together, and before daylight they both talk

about how Romeo has to go because there is
men hunting for him, and he doesn’t wasn’t
to get caught by her parents. Right after
Romeo leaves Lady Capulet appears in her
room to tell her that she has to marry Paris on
Thursday. Juliet is very upset and does not
listen to her father, but then her father tells
her that if she does not marry Paris on
Thursday, he will disown her! The Nurse
suggests Juliet marries Paris since her and
Romeos marriage will not work, but Juliet
does not listen and goes to Frair Laurence for