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Study on Offshore Wind Energy

Reg No : 1467006

Why Wind Energy ?

It is a Renewable Energy source, through which clean
power generation can be done without any emission of the
carbon monoxide and others polluting gases.
Types of Wind Energy :
Land based wind energy
Sea based wind energy

Scope of the Review Paper

To focus on the offshore wind energy technology which is
still under development in countries which primarily use
wind energy for power production.
To focus on various parameter related to determination of
offshore wind farm.
To focus on the advantages of offshore wind farms over
that of land wind farms.

Brief discussion of World offshore wind energy
development in aspects of wind farm size, Turbine
Annual increase in the offshore wind energy in the
European countries seashores.
Increase in investment offshore wind energy throughout
the years European Renewable Energy Market.

Indian scenario of offshore wind energy.
what are the research going on offshore wind farm
generation in India.
Locations which are selected in India for the formation of
offshore wind farms.
Offshore wind energy development in India Relevant
Policies of Indian Government regarding Offshore wind

Parameter considered in offshore

wind farm
Few major factors considered in the review paper:

Wind speed

Turbine selection standards

The turbine selection for each wind farm is done on standards
given by International Electro technical committee (IEC)
The selection of wind turbines for the offshore wind farms is
done on IEC 64100-03.
IEC 64100-03 gives the criteria to be considered on selection
of turbines with respect to load generation etc.,.
Further more interactions between the turbine and the
different loads like wave etc., are also to be considered.

The wind turbines require foundation for being stable on
sea water.
The foundation analysis is made on the type of sea bed ,
class of turbine used , cost involved and considering all
the loads acting on the wind turbine.
Foundation making is one area where still research is
done to obtain much more safe and cost effective

Types of foundations

Gravity structures
Guyed monopoles
Braced lattice Frames
Floating tension leg

Foundation design
Loads considerate in foundation selection:

1. Design loads
2. Permanent loads
3. Variable loads
4. Environmental loads
Wind loading site
Hydrodynamic loads
Loads from currents
Seismic loads

Best suited turbines for offshore

List of few offshore turbines with manufacturer and IEC
class is given below :
MHI VESTAS V164-8.0MW , IEC Class S
SIEMENS SWT-6.0-154 , IEC Class I
GAMESA G128-5.0MW/G132-5.0MW , IEC: Class IB/S
SENVION 6.2M152, IEC Class S

Indian offshore scenario

C-WET has measured near shore wind data at 54 locations along the coast.
Preliminary studies by CWET and Indian National Centre for Ocean
Information Services (INCOIS), Hyderabad suggest potential along Tamil
Nadu, Gujarat and Maharashtra coasts.
Scottish Development Internationals study done in January, 2012 has
indicated potential of 1GW each at Kanniyakumari and North of
These results required validation by setting up of offshore masts to measure
23 years wind data. CWET to carry out 100m anemometry at Dhanuskodi,
Rameshwaram (near the sea).

Ministry new and renewable energy acts as a nodal
ministry which is the governing body in policy making ,
providing clearance for offshore wind farm and also
monitoring in association CERC and SERCs.
This nodal ministry provides incentives for the renewable
It also monitors that where the Turbine is installed and
whether it will not cause any problem to sea
transportation and doesnt affect the Aquatic life's when
laying of power cables etc.

High initial cost involved in construction of the sea
substation for power transmission.
Laying of power cables can affect the under sea
If laid in region of ship and boats pass through can cause
accidents happening which is to considered as least

Advantages of offshore wind

Low turbulence and roughness.
Higher power generation with low wind speeds.
Sea wind always being optimum level of wind speeds, so
there is always presence of wind which is not so in land
based wind farms.

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