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Stock Verification Groups were

created in the Ordnance Factories
on 26th October, 1949 and has been
functioning since then, under the
direct control of Director General
Ordnance Factories.


was declared HoD of unit and consequence

upon stock verification group was brought under
the purview of GM w.e.f 14-7-2007


Sr. General Manager/General Manager of the factory being the

Head of Department will be responsible for physical verification
of store.

Annual Stock Verification Plan including Campus walls/Fencing/

yard/ buildings/ trees/ security blocks/street lights etc. shall
be issued by MM Division/ OFB for each factory with the
approval of the Member concerned.

Stock Verification Group shall be different and independent

from the stock/inventory holder.

Works under direct control of GM carry out the verification as

per the Annual Store Verification Plan given by the OFB.

Responsibility cont..

A copy of such report be sent to Principal Controller of Accounts (Fys)

Kolkata, Director of Audit, MOD & MOD (Fin/DP).

Reports and Returns shall be mutatis mutandis is tendered as per

existing procedure and there shall be no change in it. The stocks shall
initially be verified internally by factory staff in accordance with
provisions of sub section-II i.e. para 4588 to 4593f of DGOFs
procedure manual. These shall be no deviation from Current General
Financial Rules (GFR).

Method of verification
The Stock Verification shall be done under the control of an officer

other than stock in charge.

Stock Verification team will be constituted by the Sr. GM/GM.

The officer deputed for stock verification should in no way be

involved in the physical custody of the stock or for keeping accounts

The Stock Verification Officer should directly report to Sr. GM/GM of

the factory. The overall responsibility of the stock items,
maintenance, its correctness and discrepancies, if any, shall be vested
with HOD/Sr. GM/GM of the factory.

justified reasons for condonation through PCA(HQs). Sr.

GMs/GMs/Verification Authority shall also be responsible for timely
reporting and initiating remedial measures for encroachments, if any,
in the factory premises etc. and shall take up the matter with the
local/State Administrative Authority for getting the site cleared. They
would also take up the matter OFB for action on their part, if any.

Method of verification
Sr. GM/GMs shall identify sensitive and high value
items/machinery based on past records and get the stock items verified
at higher frequency, if so desired. It is desirable that the staff and areas
of verification should be rotated on completion of one or two cycles of
All the items are to be verified periodically (weekly, fortnightly,
quarterly etc.) without fail. However, the cases of non-verification of
items during the prescribed period be referred by Sr. GM/GM/Factory to
DGOF/OFB, MM Division with sufficient explanation/justification.

Method of verification

By Weight

By Counting

By Assessment

By Measurement

By Volume

Any other suitable method


Discrepancies, if any, shall be brought to the notice of

controlling officer immediately.

Such cases/items shall be re-checked in presence of

A.O. and Controlling Officer and the resultant position
will be brought to the notice of Sr. GM/GM for reporting
to OFB for further action.

should also consider fixing responsibility for lapses in

the part of HOD/Sr. GM/GM. In such cases, OFB should
also consider fixing responsibility for lapses on the part
of HOD/Sr. GM/GM. Cases for utilization in pricing
decisions and review of issue prices during subsequent


Annual Certificate for timely and prescribed frequency of

verification of the stock of the factory shall be reported
by HOD, i.e. Sr. GM/GM, to OFB for information of the
Board. Discrepancies noticed shall soon be informed to
OFB for further necessary action. OFB may device
monthly/ quarterly reports for such information. Notified
staff in MM Division shall submit discrepancy report on
quarterly basis to DGOF for necessary action.


In exceptional cases where non-completion of stock verification is

anticipated within any particular cycle, HOD/Sr. GM/GM of factory may
approach OFB furnishing full details of the item and the anticipated
compelled circumstances leading to non-verification/partial verification
and with reasons why HOD/Sr. GM/GM was not able to fulfill this
responsibility. In such cases OFB