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Of Patients Towards ENT OPD Services in Different Hospitals

Presented by:
Zayn Asrani
Aatif Iqbal
Sunny Maghnani


This research is designed to know the perception of different

patients regarding ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) OPD (Out
Patient Department) services in different Hospitals.

This will also let us know what the patients think about the
hospitals in relation to environment, waiting time, doctors
service, and a few other factors

The data will be collected through the questionnaires from the

general people who have had medical experiences in different


Pakistan is one of the developing nations where medical and health services
are below the world standards.

There have been some development in this sector, however the majority
stays deprived of the services everyone would love to have.

We will select several known hospitals, the hospitals were different from each


The perception of different patients is based on like location, technology used,

employment of experienced doctors, environment etc.

This research is designated to examine the perception level and the preference of
different patients regarding different hospitals in different areas of Karachi.

This will explore how the independent variables can affect the behavior
(perception) of different patients.


The main purpose of this research is to find the perception of the patients regarding
their hospitals and with the help of the independent variables this will also help us
to know the satisfaction level.


Dependent Variable

Independent Variables


Demographics of Patients

Waiting time

Moderate Variable

Technology used in hospitals

Doctors Service

Surrounding environment

Hospital staff (Services)

Fee charged

Data Collection:
In order to get the subjects of this research, we will design a questionnaire and
distribute them amongst our group members, who live in different areas of Karachi.

The questionnaire will include all the independent variables with their set of

Sample Description:
The sample includes any patient which has been to the ENT and OPD of any hospital
in Karachi.
Almost everyone visit hospitals for their check up and for the treatment of diseases.
Therefore, the first criterion is that the respondent should be a patient.

We will use Convenience which is a non-probability sampling method.

Convenience method says, identifying any respondent who will be ready to fill the form.
It is assumed that everyone has been to hospital as a patient therefore any person willing
to fill the questionnaire would have done it.

Target Population:
The target population is the people living in different areas of
Karachi who have had experiences of visiting different hospitals
for medication.