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Early Urban Planning: 1870 - 1940

Richard LeGates
Urban Studies Program, SFSU

Books in the Series

Ebenezer Howard, Garden Cities of Tomorrow

Charles Mulford Robinson, Modern Civic Art
Patrick Geddes, Cities in Evolution
Nelson P. Lewis, Planning the Modern City
John Nolen, New Towns for Old
Clarence Perry, The Neighborhood Unit
Patrick Abercrombie, Town and Country Planning
Thomas Addams Outline of Town and City Planning

Other Selections
Frederick Law Olmsted, Public Parks and the Enlargement of Towns
Alberto Soria y Mata, The Linear City
A.D. Sanderson Furniss & Marion Phillips, The Working Womans
Catherine Bauer, Modern Housing
Rexford Tugwell, The Fourth Power

And 10 other selections

Major Themes in Early Planning


The Municipal Health Movement

The Parks Movement
The Linear City
The City Beautiful Movement
The Garden City Movement
Early Regional Planning
Women and Housing Policy
Depression and Wartime National Planning

The Municipal Health Movement

Sanitary Conditions of mid-19th Century Cities
Air and Water Pollution
Tenement Living

Richardsons Hygeia

M.D. as City Planner

End of tenements and cellars
Control of smoke
Water quality

Benjamin Clark Marsh and the Split between

Planning, Housing, and Social Services

Benjamin Clark Marsh

The Congestion Movement

The 1st National Conference on

Planning & Congestion (1909)

The Split between planners,

housers, and settlement house

Frederic Law Olmsted And The

Parks Movement
Frederick Law Olmsted
Olmsteds Vision
Mixed use
Dampening class conflict
Family & religious values

Central Park (New York)

Olmsteds impact

The Linear City Movement

Fundamental Features of the

Ciudad Lineal
The Impact of Technology on Urban Form
Soria y Matas Vision
Actual Linear Cities

Daniel Burnham and The City

Beautiful Movement
Daniel Burnham
The 1893 Chicago
The S.F. Plan (1905)
The Chicago Plan (1909)
Burnham the Propogandist

Ebenezer Howard and the Garden

City Movement

The Garden Cities Movement

Ebenezer Howard
The Three Magnets
The Garden Cities Vision
Physical Form
The Garden Cities Vision: Economics

The Garden City Physical Form

Garden Cities in Europe & America

Raymond Unwin:
Implementer & Corruptor
of The Garden City
Radburn, New Jersey
The U.S. Greenbelt Cities
The Garden City
Movement Worldwide

Women and Housing In Europe

The Impact of WW I on British

Housing & Housing Policy

A.D. Sanderson Furniss and

Marion Phillips Housing
Program for Working Women

Modern Housing in Europe

Catherine Bauer visits Europe...

Catherine Bauer and the Origins

of American Housing Policy
Catherine Bauer
Modern Housing
Come to America
Bauers Impact
A revisionist view of
Catherine Bauer

Patrick Geddes, Regional

Planning and Design with Nature
Patrick Geddes
Geddes ideas on
Regional Planning
The Origins of
Sustainable Urban
Louis Mumford and

Rexford Tugwell and The Fourth

Power In National Planning
Red Rex Tugwell
and the New Deal
The Fourth Power
The failure of National
Planning in America

Wartime and Post-War British

Planning: Abercrombie
Patrick Abercrombie
The Barlow Commission
and WW II
The Plan for Greater
London and Britains New
Towns Program

Old Wine in New Bottles?

From Municipal Health to Environmental Justice
From the Linear City Transit Oriented Development
The Enduring City Beautiful
Garden Cities for Today
Geddes & Mumford: Design with Nature and the New
Post-Modern Housing and the New Urbanism
Devolution and The Non-existent Fourth Power