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Peace & Order.


Peace and Order unites religions and culture,
including values of security and harmony together with
justice and respect for the human dignity. It is an
essential ingredient to maintaining economic
development, social order and political stability. A
condition of peace and order facilitates the growth of
investments, generates more employment
opportunities and attracts more tourists.

Peace is not merely the absence of war but the presence of justice, of law, of
order in short, of government. Albert Einstein

Rodrigo Duterte

An Advocate of Peace and Order

The focus of Dutertes leadership is peace and order situation

of Davao City. One of the respondents said, As long as there is
peace and order, development follows. Another respondent
restated that peace and order is important in the development of
Davao because of its strategic location especially in fostering
growth of commerce and industry. Further, another respondent
shared, Davao City has really improved and many investors
want to put up businesses here because of peace and order. If
peace and order is not okay, nobody will invest in Davao.

What are the peace and order

conditions in the country today?
Everyday, we hear from the radio or read in the newspapers about killings,
robbery hold-ups especially in jeepneys and passenger buses and taxis, rape
with homicide, etc.
There are many of the same type of crime occurring throughout the country
such as bank robberies that occur in a matter of minutes. Carnapping is very
rampant. Kidnap for ransom is a very worthwhile business for the crime
syndicates. There is rebellion in every region. Houses and business
establishments are looted and robbed. Drug trafficking multiplies. Graft and
corruption in the government is not an uncommon occurrence.
The Philippines placed 141st on a list of 162 countries in the 2015 Global
Peace Index (GPI), according to a study published by the Institute for
Economics and Peace (IEP).While Iceland ranked 1 st as the most peaceful


Ideology. People want to take control of the government with all

means so that they can push through with their program of
government. Because they cannot take control of the government
by peaceful means, they resort to rebellion.
Poverty. Because of extreme necessity of basic needs especially
food, some people resort to thefts, jewelry snatchings, holdups
especially in jeepneys, buses, and taxis, and robbery.
Get-rich-quick mentality. Some people have this mentality and
they engage in bank holdups and robberies, kidnaps for ransom,
and carnappings from which they get away with hundreds of
thousands and millions of pesos. Graft and corruption in the
government is rampant, too.


Lack of spiritual and moral values. People with rich spiritual and
moral values rarely commit crimes against others. It is the
unprincipled individuals who consider that what are yours and mine
are also theirs.
Ineffective law enforcement. When criminality is rampant it
means that law enforcement is ineffective. This is because the
wrongdoers get away free and unpunished. It is sad to note that
there are some high-ranking officers in the law enforcement
agencies who are in responsibility with crime syndicates. This may
be one reason why law enforcement is weak.

Goals, Strategies, & Action Plans

To address the issues affecting peace and order, the government will
adopt the following strategies:
1. Effective and credible law enforcement jointly executed by a
trilateral partnership between the local executive, the police and
the community.
This will be done through the strengthening of the task forces and
anti-crime group by the Philippine police. To contain street crimes,
additional personnel will be deployed to identified hot spots and more
auxiliary forces will be enlisted.
"To fight crime, we not only need men and women adequately trained
and sufficiently motivated to do the job. We also need the help of
ordinary citizens to provide information that can lead to the

Goals, Strategies, & Action Plans

2. Professionalization of the PNP.
This will be done through a continuous career training and
development program, with focus on courses that address identified
training needs. Moreover, career courses, specialized courses, foreign
and in-country training, inservice training will be provided to qualified
and deserving PNP personnel.
3. Continuous and intensified operations to neutralize terrorism and
other organized crime groups.
These will include the acquisition of basic equipment and facilities,
specifically, the construction of police stations and police precincts,
the upgrading of crime prevention infrastructure, technology and

Goals, Strategies, & Action Plans

4. Strict Implementation of Laws
Corruption has crept into every fabric of Philippine society, not
just in government but also in the private and religious sector. Drastic
measures must be done. Laws must be amended to make it easier to
prosecute the corrupt. Death Penalty must be considered for plunder
while at the same time Values Education must be made mandatory in
both private and public schools in the country."
With these strategies, the conditions for maintaining peace and
order will be established. People will see more policemen in public
places and requests for police assistance will be faster. Other crimes
will gradually be stamped out, while more policemen will be trained to
respond more efficiently during emergencies and disasters.

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