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NGO Prima is a non-profit organization,

dealing with youth issues.

It was established in 2010, by years-long
experienced activists in the civil youth
Its headquarters are in Podgorica, the
capital of Montenegro.
7 permanent members and more than 130

Goals vol.1
to improve position of youth and resolve issues

that concern young people

to develop and implement local and national
youth policies
to increase opportunities for development and
active participation of youth in society and
decision-making in: human rights, antidiscrimination, non-violence, intercultural
dialogue, healthy lifestyles and advocacy

Goals vol.2
to improve development of the entire

society by encouraging young people,

individuals, organizations and institutions to
cooperate and to take active role and
to raise awareness about young people
and their problems, needs and importance.

Main target groups

Our main target groups are: University

and high schools students, youth

leaders and activists, peer educators,
youth with fewer possibilities such as:
national and religious minorities,
LGBTQ, girls, young single mothers.

Human Rights
Non-violence and Antidiscrimination
Youth Policies
Youth Mobility

Prima is one of founders of Montenegrin Youth

Forum, umbrella youth organization. It has been

involved in making of previous National Youth
Strategy, National Action Plan for Youth, Youth
Law and all annual Action plans.
Prima works with University students in
Montenegro; Mostly trainings to raise their
activism and trainings about advocacy and
lobbying for students rights and standards. It
helped and supported the foundation of several
youth-led NGOs.

Prima is recognized in Montenegro by its

program of non-formal education of peer

educators who spread non-violence culture and
prevent violence among or over youth as well as
peace education.
It runs initiatives with institutions in aim of
prevention of violence among youth, gathering
our members and peer educators with decisionmakers.

Prima has a representative in the Regional body for Civil

Education and it is a member of Coalition Together for

LGBT Rights.
It was involved in the regional campaign called No Hate
Prima is recognized also as a training center, since it is
active in education of trainers, peer educators, youth as
well as schools teachers and psychologists.

Leaders of NGO Prima

Address: NGO Prima, Anton Cehov street, No 4 - 81000

Podgorica, Montenegro
Phone: +38269416448
Fax: +38220612089
Skype: aida13prima